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*slaps roof of the mountains* this bad boy can fit so many foxes in it

Man, federation bugs can be a pain to track down but when you do figure it out and it all makes perfect sense in retrospect you feel amaaaaazing

Episode 14: Secure Scuttlebutt with Joey Hess

Libre Lounge comes to you with an interview from Libre Planet with Joey Hess discussing the Secure Scuttbutt project, a secure social network. The interview goes into detail about the protocol, differences between SSB and ActivityPub, and how Secure Scuttlebutt is a like Git.


Blog post on my server setup:

little bonus note: multi-stage docker builds are *the shit* for building, then deploying any kind of web code generically:

Been writing up how basic Dat support is implemented in Firefox with dat-fox:

Next post will be how dat-webext fixes all the shortcomings that dat-fox has!

soliciting programming opinion (language-neutral) 

soliciting programming opinion (language-neutral) 

Seems like hella pixel artists don't know about GrafX2, a fantastic (and free) app inspired by Deluxe Paint

I have FINALLY FOR REAL fixed the issue where my RSS-to-ActivityPub converter wasn't sending posts to Pleroma instances in the correct format. I have rectified that. And this time I have an actual test Pleroma instance on which I've confirmed it working. Once again, here is that tool, which is now Mastodon and Pleroma compatible!

I have also updated my ExpressJS ActivityPub server for compatibility:

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