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i think i'm going to start sharing abandonware & projects on hiatus. today it's...

~ holm ~

an abandoned wander game prototype about traversal and place.



giving shitty people any attention whatsoever, even trolling them, is not radical or cool


Giving the basics of how decentralized social networks work and how people talk to each other outside their servers #csvconf

@darius presenting on the decentralized web at #csvconf !! You might see him on here talking about his work as a Mozilla fellow playing around with #ActivityPub


reminder that the performance/reading event for the class I teach on computational creative writing at NYU is tonight (7pm in Manhattan) specifically designed to appeal to the perhaps narrow but always amazing intersection of "people interested in computation" and "people interested in the literary arts." and, uh, in this case, "people who are in NYC and able to attend tonight." but if you're in that intersection, I tell you what, this event is FOR YOU

Blood: Fresh Supply, an update of the cult classic 1997 DOS first person shooter Blood is out on PC today:

You know what videogame they should make into a movie? THE GODFATHER (2006, multiplatform). This open world shooter follows a low level mafioso in the Corleone family. I'd love to see it expanded to focus less on the mission-based minutiae of how one would go about placing a horse head in the bed of an uncooperative movie studio executive and instead on the dynamics and personalities in the family that led to the need for such an action.

Maybe if that's successful someone could write a novel.

I'm at in Portland, OR, and just saw a good talk about basic bash commands that you can use to clean up data sets, ideally line-based, well formatted data like CSVs or log files. I didn't know about the `cut` and `tr` commands!

$ echo "MyCity,MyState,IWant:TheThingAfterTheColon,MyCountry" | cut -d',' -f3 | cut -d':' -f2

--> TheThingAfterTheColon

Here's the full talk with all the example bash commands.

Me: Check out this thing I wrote

All: ...

Me: Check out this thing I... that I generated with a neural network

All: HA omg

If you've been following the walkout at Riot Games, you might be interested in what happened in 1998 when developers at a Canadian game studio threatened a walkout. (Spoiler: working conditions were improved.) I wrote about it for Vice Games (formerly Waypoint) today.

I wrote a review of federated blogging software I can't hyperlink the review directly but here's the general page:

Anyway I highly recommend it! It's been great for @365-rfcs

"All Star" But Every Time They Say "All Star" The Video Stays The Same Speed

I got a lot of questions last week at @ML4ALL about how I was able to turn around the conference videos so quickly, so I put together a little behind-the-scenes video showing a walkthrough of my whole setup and workflow, including biking all the gear in and out! 🚲🎥🎉

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there'll be a reading/performance event for my computer-generated poetry class at NYU this thursday: it's at 721 Broadway in Manhattan, 7pm, free admission. I'm really excited about the work and the students this semester—if you're in NYC I hope you can be there!

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