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In this one paper I'm reading there's talk of load-balancing in distributed nodes but... the load is "attention load" and the distributed nodes are humans!

I've so far spent 1 full work day in these archives of 50+ year old computing papers, mostly from cold war defense contractors. One thing that makes sense but I didn't really realize is that System Development Corporation, the first ever purely "software" company (that did not also develop computers), was founded to support the work of psychologists who were trying to make "man-machine interaction" more efficient (in a US military context).

"Doctor, I'm depressed."
"The treatment is simple! The great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up."
"Sounds like a plan!"

[the next day]

"Doctor, I did what you suggested and my depression is cured!"
"Excellent! I'm glad it worked."

If you still wanna hear the interview, the mp3'll be posted on this playlist page within an hour or so:

I love old computer science papers that use the term "picture element" instead of "pixel"

There's a widely-cited September 1973 ARPANET diagram that looks similar but this one from January is (necessarily) somewhat smaller

Here's an ARPANET network diagram as of January 1973. It's one of those docs that's been online for a while but it's not really googleable (yet) because it's buried as a supplementary page to a larger report and isn't OCR'ed.


"no poop allowed in the toilet" will always be my favorite genre of sign

There's two kinds of people in this world: given a proposition P, there are the people for whom P is true, and then there are the people for whom P is not true.

So, I am fully intellectually aware that scientific racism was a centuries-long project, but there's something about going to a library and being confronted with thousands of physical bound volumes of it that really makes it hit home for me. Like ALL THESE PEOPLE wrote ALL THESE WORDS to subjugate other people in the name of empire.

is it gay to thicken? It's literally making or becoming thick or thicker. ☕️

YunoHost is... pretty impressive in terms of its initial installation/onboarding.

self-hosted mailing lists question 

Oh man. Overhearing a young guy at the library telling his mom that he bought an Xbox One and then had to get rid of it because he doesn't have internet and most of the features on it require an internet connection. This really resonates with recent estimates that 49% of America doesn't have broadband, and Diana Nucera's talk at talking about how a huge percentage of Detroit's population has NO internet, not even mobile access

The guy took his Xbox to the pawn shop the next day :(

Much love to my friends who work in devrel, but no amount of emoji is going to make me forget that you were paid to write this stuff. If anything, they do the opposite.

I always travel with an hmdi cable in case I need to watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure while traveling

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