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Ahhh, it is once again Sunday morning in Sundogistan and that means #jazz

This week, I'll be soothing my soul by saluting a recently lost legend, João Gilberto, whose bossa nova stylings still run through the core of much of modern popular music.

If you're of a mind to meet me on those sun-baked sandy beaches to dance in the tropical breezes, feel free to follow along over on @nowplaying

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I'm in Powells books on a Saturday, wish me luck

I am reading James Ryan's dissertation (_Curating Simulated Storyworlds_) and it is really well written and witty and deeply researched and rewarding to read—e.g., there's a footnote on p. 29 on generative "indexical storytelling" and "archaeogaming" (!) that has enough ideas and references to pretty much set you on a full and rich career path in innovative game design, even though the dissertation isn't "about" any of those things

Yesterday I learned that virtual machines go all the way back to the 1960s (in this it's case multiple computers emulated on a bigger computer where a certain user gets access to the emulated computer but not the main one, and it was even called a virtual machine at the time)

As I say in the blog post, it's important to remember that most of what we have today in computing we also had in the 60s and 70s. It is just all much cheaper and faster now.

If you think your sex robot paper is so important that you feel the need to publish it at a conference that was cancelled last year for inviting Steve fucking Bannon to speak, maybe back up and think about basic decency first before trying to publish on a topic like intimacy?

@danbruno I just finished Trails the 3rd! Am now starting on the purportedly terrible Zero No Kiseki translation/patch...

Deleted the original post because people are being nice and asking other people for help with it, but I already got the answer! For reference here it is--

Reading through an old RFC from 1971 and encountered a number denoted like so:


Is this octal 128? Hex 512? Decimal 200? Something else?

It's really hard to search the web for syntax stuff like this. It's referencing a socket number on an OS/360 machine on the ARPANET, if that helps. The RFC itself is this one

Errr I got that wrong, it's x'200' all the way through! As you can see plainly in the document I linked.

Oh I figured it out! FORTRAN was the most popular language at the time, at least on ARPANET, and so I googled "FORTRAN hexadecimal notation" and got this document which confirms that you'd write 512 in hex in FORTRAN as x"200", which, close enough (and in fact the double quotes may be a transcription error in the IETF transcriptions)

GOSH I love reading full articles from @write_as in the new single-column view.

The attached screenshot is after clicking through a "read article" link, one of the features of my new Mastodon fork, Hometown. I hope to have documentation and release notes ready to go by the end of the week!

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My @365-rfcs blog where I read one RFC for each day of 2019 is back after a several month hiatus! You can subscribe directly on fedi at the above account

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