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Does anybody else ask if other people do the same things that they do?

Fit for a King, an Ultima IV inspired sandbox world, releases today. It’s really good. I’ll let their own words sell it:

“ Marry everything. Execute everything. SPEND IT ALL. Live the ultimate fantasy in this Henry VIII simulator, and humiliate France with your wealth and excess, or die trying. Who's going to stop you? God? Nope. You're also the Pope.”

(I explained this concept at a party to some very nice people who work at Twitter and they seemed really jealous that I get to work on stuff like this)

Hey, the Eyeo Festival talks are now online! I know some of you were asking to see my talk that included this slide. Well, it's here!

keanu 🤝 A popular president
being able to do no wrong

with training, dogs 🤝 person
being able to open doors

Farriers 🤝 Blacksmiths
being able to shoe horses

Fire Emblem Three Houses may end up being the first game I ever finish, immediately do New Game+, and then immediately do New Game+ AGAIN

"religious, but not spiritual" is my new term for any technological solutionism

My friend Gabi Ivens likes to make the point that this is not even about "trustlessness" but rather about moving your trust from humans into a technology stack. "Trustlessness" is a marketing term; "trust the software" would be a more honest term to use.

I sometimes say it's about "trusting the math" but actually that gives it too much credit because it's really about "trusting the math that has been implemented by humans in software" -- aka technology.

god, can't believe it's almost 2018 already

I found this passage in a blog post promoting a blockchain-based media verification tool--basically a "blue check" saying that a video is not doctored (whatever THAT means).

I feel like these solutions to "fake news" are almost as bad as the problem, with a whiff of accelerationism to them.

There has to be a better solution to "we don't know who to trust" than "trust no one".

Original post:

Remember when they told us we wouldn't always have a calculator

The hard part is figuring out what to do with local-only posts when an instance moves back to Mastodon. I wrote down my current thoughts on how this might work, both on short-term and long-term solutions:

My next big plan for Hometown is a clear and safe migration path BACK to vanilla Mastodon. That way there's not a huge commitment to trying it out, and if something happens to me or the project, you can always go back to regular Mastodon.

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