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refrigerator manufacturer intends to go on Reddit to market their new line of packaged water from Swiss mountains 

Amana plan: a can, Alp, an AMA

MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) is an international effort to make sure that misconfigured routers at the service provider level don't cause things like security problems for their users and their neighbors in the network.

Physically building and maintaining network infrastructure is easy compared to the social work of getting people and communities to agree and commit to hosting the infrastructure [...] When you plug in the box at the end, it's almost anticlimactic, people go 'wait we spent a year and went to the Minister of Technology to get permission for THIS?'

- Hervey Allen, Network Startup Resource Center (paraphrased)

Also, authorities in rural areas don't really care about English/international internet services. They want local content in a local context, and if they don't have that, it's not worth their investment in network infrastructure!

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Learning about internet access in Tanzania, and there are about 20 million people mostly in rural areas who have voice phone service but no internet. The speaker is Jabhera Matogoro, who is talking about the fact that 100% of the reserved spectrum for digital TV in rural Tanzania is unused, so why not use this to deliver internet to people? There are many policy problems around this, unfortunately.

@darius However independent I may imagine myself to be, however far removed I may appear from mundane considerations by my social status, I am enslaved to the misery of the meanest member of society, that's what I said now.

as you eat you 🤝 The tongue
being able to taste the food


This aged well. Though I guess it was rotten to begin with. (Washingtonian Magazine July 2002, found at a Five Guys Burgers and Fries in London.)

minor john wick hex spoilers (+) 

John Wick Hex is very good. It has that whole Hotline Miami feeling of planning your way through a level, but it's more technical and tactical (there's a timeline of actions that you need to manage). At the end you can watch a replay of the level which renders all your actions using a pretty impressive dynamic cinematic camera!

Plus I think they actually got Ian McShane and Lance Reddick to do voiceover for their respective characters.

lol I have a whole day to kill and was planning to do so at the ny public library but they have a clearly anti homeless "no luggage" policy so I guess I have to find a locker or just.... do something else?

complaining about AI true believers 

"Okay I'll click on this new metaethical framework for aligning AI to human values"

*one paragraph in*

wait you suppose WHAT now

*finishes intro article*

ohhhh she is on the Yudkowsky/Bostrom train lol ok

"My impression is that an IETF mailing list will likely bore you to death before it makes you feel unwelcome."

- Adam McFillin

@slightlyoff Do you know of any people working to tie web perf metrics to energy efficiency? Intuitively a leaner page/site consumes less energy but I'm wondering if anyone is working on this formally.

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