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I always read "fomo" in lowercase as "forno", Italian for "oven"

this in turn implies the existence of such recipes as "pasta al FOMO"

I just published "The Bot Scare", an essay about how the word "bot" is used in American political discourse. Among other things I compare it to the use of "Red" during the first Red Scare.

Geralt of Revere would make a really great hyper-specific Halloween costume. Something involving roast beef sandwiches and... I don't know enough about The Witcher to make this work

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Tired: "Geralt of Rivia"
Wired: "Geralt of Revere" (in a Boston accent)

Friend Camp, or as I like to call it: heavensite

omg this is cool, I only had to change one line of code and now my gath fork provides verrrry minimal Friendica compatibility! (the end time is the same as the start time, probably a bug on my end, but still, this is neat to see this working "for free" after implementing Event activities)

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As someone who creates ActivityPub services, it's often a puzzle to figure out exactly how someone else's service federates. Like, what does service X do when I send it a Delete/Note activity?

In an attempt to be a good citizen, I've drafted up a file for my fediverse event organizing service I'm working on. Here it is:

I've also started a meta-discussion about how we might start documenting this stuff generally:

@liaizon Something else cool is that Hometown renders ActivityPub Events. This is an Event that has landed in my inbox, not a Note :)

My goal is to make an Events tab in Hometown that consumes these and you can see what events you are following in a calendar view or something (probably just a list to start)

@twistylittlepassages if you directly @ the event from Mastodon, with nobody else in it, your comment will appear on the page

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Friend Camp

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