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the unnamed Portland Police slowdown strike 

The Portland Police have been on a slowdown strike since at least the start of July. They won't come out and say it, but the evidence is obvious that that they are not responding or taking ridiculous long times to respond in order to blame the protests against them.

There are daily hundreds of complaints that the cops just didn't show up to help people. Last night there was a drive-by where a house was shot up and the police didn't respond for 17 hours. Every time they blame the protests even though they nightly send out hundreds of militarized officers to police a mostly peaceful crowd (there are some dumpster fires, fireworks, and graffiti all of which I think are not a big deal and maybe require a small fire crew to respond at most).

The police never help, but now they are actively trying to make things worse in order to make a villain of protesters. So, yeah. The Portland police are on strike except when it comes to brutalizing protesters.

twitter, my research, light anti-disinformation work 

I finally wrote up something explaining that Twitter has not allowed people to pick usernames during signup for almost 3 years now, and that a "jsmith12345678" username pretty much just means you're dealing with a not super technically savvy social media literate person.

I collected together Doomworld's Top 100 Most Memorable Maps and started playing through the list, from #100:
This is a bit of an undertaking, and I've played somewhere between 10-25% of them already, but it'll be good for filling in a lot of gaps in my knowledge, and food for my level design brain of course.

I included a digression on the concept of historical contingency that got edited down significantly. It probably helped the article read better but I wish I'd figured out a way to talk about that more.

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I wrote an article about the history of the HTTP status code and what I think it tells us about designing specifications and APIs:

If you liked my @365-rfcs project, this is a direct outgrowth of that work.

Whenever I type in an Outlook Web Access url (, etc), in my head I hear a DJ doing a baby scratch on a sample of someone saying "oh" (owa-owa-owa-owa)

Attempting to make sense of my music collection once again. Basically iTunes circa 2004 was my perfect music management situation: all my mp3s in one place, searchable database, synced to a mobile device (iPod in that case), dynamic playlists. After iTunes became unusable, I moved to Google Music, which is of course now deprecated, so I downloaded my collection and am seeking suggestions for music library management software!

kind of surprises me that apparently apuds are not popular outside of Brazilian academia? at least judging by how apud commands are missing from biblatex except for abntex.

an apud ("by", "according to") is used to cite second-hand references. so you can say "…discovered by Hattori 1930 (apud Ramsey 1979)" to credit Hattori’s original discovery, while also being honest about the fact that you’re not working with the original article but with Ramsey 1979’s summary of it.

This little game where you control a "maple copter" as it floats to the ground is really lovely.

Food, photo of meat 

Seriously considering eating one BLT a day until peak tomato season is over.

This is a new emoji I made for instances running the Hometown fork of Mastodon. If you're using anything other than the web ui to access your instance, afaik you can't access the "local only" posting option.

This emoji fixes that. With the current Hometown release, adding a custom emoji called local_only to your instance and including it in your toot will automatically post the toot as local only.

This allows you to use the local only functionality from a mobile app, for instance, simply by adding this emoji when you're composing a toot.

It is also designed to match the other accessibility emojis I've created, which can be found above in this thread.

Released under WTFPL, go nuts.

#Hometown #Emoji #Emojis #Emojo #Emojos #Accessibility

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Being an EMT in a Pandemic 

A trend I would love to see take off is going to your local coffee shop and buying a preloaded gift card for them to use when health care workers come in. I feel WAY more appreciated getting free coffee than all the clapping, signs, and random thank yous combined.

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