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o, what a pitiful shame that we are stuck with Javascript as the lingua franca of the web, all of its many dangerous warts and pitfalls an indelible stain on the platform

now to take a big sip of coffee as I ponder the timeless beauty of the Unix way, with its elegant lingua franca, shell scripts

Just released "Works of the Masters", a deluxe edition of Master Levels of Doom II:
Classic and lesser-known work from the best mappers id Software could find in 1995, now playable in complete episodes. I'm just the curator here. [bows reverently]

It's worth remembering that users don't care what version of Webpack or Rollup you're using. They just care if the app works and it's fast. Devs love to sprint to embrace some new tool that's supposedly going to make their own life easier (TypeScript, hot reloading, linters, faster build times, whatever). This kind of stuff has approximately zero impact on the user experience, though. And arguments that dev experience trickles down to user experience are largely wrong.

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so i recently gained the remarkable ability to listen to podcasts and i'm catching up on peter adamson's "history of philosophy without any gaps" (, an ambitious 10-year-old project to cover the entire worldwide history of philosophy. currently it's at the western european renaissance, and there are parallel series covering islamic, byzantine, indian, and african philosophical traditions. i assume china will eventually happen.

anyway, i'm at the episode on zeno of elea (, and in case anyone didn't know, @darius has made a game about zeno's famous paradox:

(be patient, it takes a while to load)

#history #philosophy #podcast #gameing 🐘

We hope you're ready to hear about teeny tiny horses because it's time for today's episode, "Gyro Is Packing"!!!

Saying "jason derulo..." in the same tone and context as I normally say "jesus christ..."

A year ago I wrote this article on how to be a tourist at library archives and it feels like another era...

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I love this lidar scan of an archive room at the Centro de Henri Lenaerts in Navarra, Spain (an arts organization).

But it makes me heartsick for visiting archives in person :(


Did Ted Wheeler just say he would encourage the police to nazi? (no he said "not see" but it sounded funny)

(Mayoral debate here: )

Catch my live tiktok and/or instagram remix performance on Harvestworks' twitch next Tuesday at 6pm NYC time!

github ecosystem complaining 

The absolute worst thing about Dependabot is when I'm following someone else's repo and I get spammed with dependabot PRs. Like it's not even my project, come on!!!

yesss thanks to this article from @aaronpk I managed to set up a little server that lets me put any service I want behind Mastodon's OAuth so that only people with a login can see it. It works for web apps that don't know what OAuth is -- you are just kind of "gating" them so that any request to any URL for the app must be authorized first. A little like .htpasswd but for OAuth.

I'll write this up in detail later but Aaron's post has everything you need.

Running 🤝 Thinking
being able to make you tired

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