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a few years ago I made a tracery grammar for generating silly narratives, using Propp's narrative functions as a rough outline. it's very silly but it made me smile again today while I was reviewing it before class

Not sure if people heard about the vote in Chile to completely rewrite the Pinochet-era constitution. It is very exciting. This is a good listen about the campaign that lead up to the historic vote

"Chile, which was the laboratory for neoliberalism, needs to be the laboratory for democracy... In order for the people to have real power/the system to be accountable...people need to be organized--not just vote the preference....move from expression to decision."

Want to feel young? In 2030 today will be as far back in the past as 2010 is today

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Want to feel old? 2002 is now as far back in time as 2001 was in 2019

OR / Multnomah County / Covid 

welp, we are back on the state watch list due to cases increasing around Portland and surrounding areas. my neighborhood has one of the highest infection rates (probably because it's working class and people who live here or considered essential workers)

a snake 🤝 An audit
being able to surprise a person

elevator pitch: squatnet - a decentralized federated social network where the data backend is built from other services' user-generated content backends, co-opted for completely different uses.

In my head right now: the Big Red chewing gum advertising jingle from the late 80s

In my head right now: the Big Red chewing gum advertising jingle from the late 80s

Pronouncing "goth" so it rhymes with "both"

Tomorrow! (online ofc)

"The PHLASK Team is proud to debut and launch the beta version of the PHLASK App!

The PHLASK App is a tool to help Philadelphians find and share water & food."


Cycle Knight (1986) box art awareness/appreciation thread

oh right google changed all their icons so I have no idea what tab gmail is open in anymore
this is a very sensible effort for musicians to unite against Spotify's existing hegemony & poor payout for artists that aren't already millionaires

keanu 🤝 A popular president
being able to do no wrong

During a war people 🤝 Children living amidst war and poverty
being able to suffer greatly

So you know how the Joe Biden #AnimalCrossing island has fenced-off areas you can't really visit, meant to be viewed from a distance? If you enter the dream wearing a wetsuit, you can jump off the airport pier and swim around the island to get to at least some parts of those areas. Here's me behind the "White House" (museum adorned with custom panels)

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