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Just watched some dudes use a police shield to break through a window at the capitol and climb in

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"reports that people are rummaging through Senators' desks" (PBS)

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oh fuck. unconfirmed reports on TV of someone being shot in the Capitol

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uspol, actually decent news feed 

The PBS NewsHour live stream is pretty good, they have Yamiche Alcindor on right now speaking some good stuff

uspol, twitter pic 

holy shit (photo of a random white person on the senate (or house?) dais)

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uspol, twitter video 

The combination of what this congressperson is saying combined with the big banging noises in the background and his nervous look up when they happen is... really something


lmao the only occurrence of "riot" i can find on the washpost liveblog is where it occurs in the word "patriot"

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your smile 🤝 A chick flick
being able to warm my heart

"The land before modern APIs" by Darius Kazemi

Nice history of HTTP status codes.

The numeric codes are assigned by groups [to] hopefully cover other protocols besides RJE (like FTP).

This is from RFC 360, about a Remote Job Entry protocol (RJE), submitted in 1972. You know you're in deep, when reading a three-digit IETF RFC!

#1970s #retro #nostalgia

if you're encountering this post in more recent times, the project is now called BookWyrm! DM me for an invite to the server <3

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> BookWyrm is a social network for reading, reviewing, and talking about books. BookWyrm is ad-free, anti-corporate, open-source, and federated.

h/t @darius @darius

"Some years ago two 'Muscovite' Ambassadors Extraordinary had arrived from the Czar and at the audience before the Shah "drank so excessively that they quite lost their Senses". The Shah had drunk the Czar's health, and it was the Russians' turn to pledge this worthy toast, "in a Cup that held about Two Pints. The second Ambassador, not being able to digest so much Wine, had a pressing Inclination to vomit, and not knowing where to disembogue, he took his great Sable Cap, which he half fill'd. It is well known that the Muscovites wear large and high Caps. His Colleague, who was above him, and the Secretary of the Embassy, who was below him, enrag'd at so foul an Action, done in the presence of the King of Persian and of the whole Court, reprimanded him and jogged him with their Elbows to remind him of going out. But he, being very drunk, and not knowing either what was said to him nor what he himself did, clapp'd his Cap upon his Head, which presently cover'd him all over with Nastiness.""

-- "From a Persian Tea House"

This is an author in 1953 recounting Sir John Chardin's "Travels in Persia 1673-1677".

when this pandemic is over I am going to be so insufferable, I'm going to be in everyone's DMs who lives within a 1 hour drive of me like "hi hi hi hi let's get coffee I know we never met before but let's motherfucking do this"

shitpost, software 

yeah i use FOSS

F ucking
O ld
S hitty
S oftware

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