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@danbruno this is cool! if you expand the 3d section on this page you'll get extracted (I think) map geometry from the Crossbell games

pizza for breakfast, pizza for lunch,
makes a man busty, crusty, and gunch

Extending our 6th birthday sale 

Who says you can't have a birthday month? 🎂

We're now extending our 6th birthday celebration (and sale on Pro) until the end of February.

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The Real Novelty of the ARPANET

"Physical distance was conquered well before the ARPANET by the telegraph. The kind of distance conquered by the ARPANET was instead the logical distance between the operating systems, character codes, programming languages, and organizational policies employed at each host site. Implementing the first packet-switched network was of course a major feat of engineering that should also be mentioned, but the problem of agreeing on standards to connect computers that had never been designed to play nice with each other was the harder of the two big problems involved in building the ARPANET—and its solution was the most miraculous part of the ARPANET story."

I saw a typographer post about endpapers, so I went down to the lab and made one myself. (no. 2 is rotated and stretched, not only rotated)

Review of "Travels in Persia." (4 stars): One of the better 17th century books I've read 

So, I read the first book of this multi book series by a Huguenot jeweler recounting his time traveling to Persia in the 1680s. The first half of the book is about his time passing through modern day Turkey and through Georgia and Armenia before getting to Azerbaijan and then into Persia proper. It's incredibly readable and breezy for something published in 1691, though you have to get Used to Randomly Capitalized words and Shoddy Orthography and typesetting where s and f look the same.

The book is half day to day diary, and half digressions on politics and religion and economics and geography. Chardin has reasonable command of English and Persian in addition to his native French. (This book was originally written in French but he collaborated on its English translation.) His understanding of history and etymology is pretty good for someone of his era though there is a lot of the usual making-shit-up you find in travelogues.

There are some delightful stories about drunk Muscovite ambassadors and some drama involving philandering court cryptographers somewhere in or near modern Turkey I want to say.

Chardin is a remarkably sensitive and even keeled observer during his travels. I just finished a 1950 travelogue of an Englishman in Iran and it is full of condescension even though the author has the best intentions. But Chardin is writing this before European nations began treating Asian countries as vassal states and playthings. He seems to really consider Persia and its people on equal footing with European nations, and really wants to observe and learn from them.

Anyway, this is a great read if you are remotely interested in early modern Persia, and can be found on the Internet Archive for free.

Remotely connecting to computers was done before ARPANET. What ARPANET did was to standardize the way to communicate with computers over a network.

#Computers #Networking #ComputerHistory #NetworkingHistory #Arpanet #Internet

Aid Request 

Hi I'm still a broke, somewhat disabled queer, trying to get through massage school and pay rent.

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FELLAS is it gay to quarantine? Because you're isolating in quarantine. 😔☕️

tech gripe 

foss: just self-host!
foss projects: it seems hosting is quite a bit harder than expected 🤔

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Proposal: on your next purely social video call, wear a ratty t-shirt but also extremely formal clothing from the mid-body down where no one can see. Like a cummerbund and expensive dress shoes

gaming + 

As someone who came of age during the shareware era, I'm really enjoying these Steam events where they have playable demos of upcoming games. I feel like demos are something that a lot of developers didn't spend time on for various reasons, and Valve is now incentivizing them to do so.

turned on boosts in my timeline and omg there's so much content how do people even deal with it

fedi meta 

sigh. okay, I'll bite: why does it matter who defederates with whom if you are not on one of the servers affected?

I *think* I know what other people think about this but I'd be curious to hear from individuals

🎉 It's time to announce my new company that needs to replace my job within time :blobcatgiggle:

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(Some things I am still working on like the knowledge base and other info pages. All other is working 100% :flan_hacker: )

#Hosting #VPS #Domains @Stuxhost

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