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workflow for Firefox and Remarkable tablet 

Since there's no "read in Remarkable" add-on for Firefox, I now read longform articles from the web by using the "ePub creator" add-on to save an article as a .epub file and then upload it to an "articles to read" folder on my tablet.

@darius see also: kindle-to-md (my kindle to markdown python script!)

it munches a kindle's clippings file and poops out a few markdown files indexing the highlights according to authors / books :3

Bob's Burgers burger of the day idea 

That Was Hen,
This Is Cow
(our chicken sandwich
but with a burger patty
instead of chicken)

Today I learned that Linux (or at least certainly Ubuntu) will enable power saving mode on a wifi device by default. This resulted in me getting ~300ms pings to my machine on my LAN and very laggy ssh sessions. You can turn it off permanently as described here (or temporarily as described in the question post):

Paracelsus on the satyrion orchid root:

"[I]s it not formed like the male privy parts? No one can deny this." (Selected Writings, early 16th century)

the "Please don't make me vote for Joe Biden" tiktok but it's "Please don't make me ever use Docker"

(I'm sure docker is fine it's just a big complicated black box abstraction on top of black box abstractions and sometimes it does things like punch through my firewall without telling me)

Yesterday I learned about Bookcision, which is a bookmarklet that can extract all your Kindle notes into plain text files. It's not perfect (I wish they offered some configuration, and it relies on Flash for clipboard functionality) but it does what it claims to do!

employment announcement + 

I recently started working as a frontend engineer at Meedan! I work with an international team to build software that helps fact-checkers around the globe do their work more efficiently and accurately. I like their (our?!) approach to the software, which is that it's primarily about coordinating the labor of human verification rather than the software itself doing verification on its own.

Messing around in Koala sampler with the intro to Rosinha de Valença's "Summertime" (source: All the percussion is manipulated beatboxing


Gave up on tomatoes and cucumbers after pretty much failing last year. My peas and lettuce did so well I figured I might as well focus on those and buy other stuff at my farmers market from the pros.

My onions were tiny last year and the year before but I think it's because I planted them in spring! The onions here are ones that I accidentally overwintered so I'm curious to see how they fare this season.

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Is it just me (or my US-based ISP) or is sci-hub like... hardly working recently?

"Over and over again, the empirical evidence shows that it is possible to achieve high levels of human development without high levels of GDP. According to data from the UN, it is possible for nations to reach the very highest category on the life expectancy index with as little as $8,000 per capita, and very high levels on the education index with as little as $9,000 per capita."

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Today we are planting starts for lettuce, kale, and peas. We are also starting a tea garden for the first time: lemon verbena, echinacea, and calendula. I'm so so excited!

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