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ruined ducktales for my partner today by telling her about the underclass of dogs that makes duck society possible AMA

Woohoo, #HomeTown is up to date with v3.3.0 🎉

Thanks @darius !

I feel bad that it took me 4 months to make this happen, but updating software in a pandemic is hard. I am now optimistic about my ability to get Hometown bug fixes and features done in the future.

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Pleased to report that Hometown v1.0.5+3.3.0 is now released! This release adds no new features, it simply brings Hometown up to date with Mastodon v3.3.0.

And another test post, sorry. I try to test federation stuff on test servers that most people will never see, but ultimately I have to do a ~few~ tests on a known working instance like this one.

Is astrology real? Does it matter?

Wow, the fact that these VCs are so excited about CoStar means I should delete it now.



I just used Array.prototype.every() and Array.prototype.some() for the first time in production code... ever? I'm sure I could have used them earlier in my career but I always forget they exist. Anyway they are useful functions and I'm glad they're there

Really mad about this Linux kernel - academic research kerfuffle. See:

TL;DR: researchers at UMN introduced patches to Linux kernel that contained known-buggy code TO WRITE A PAPER and the UMN IRB didn't consider it human subjects research :blobangery:

Wtaf were these researchers thinking? How did the IRB not consider this human subjects resaerch? How did someone think this was an ethical thing to do?

"Drebin 893 [from MGS4] is Smuggler [from Deus Ex].

"Same appearence, same fashion sense, same profession—and same voice actor, Khary Payton."


hahaha -- oh wait this isn't an altered image this is just how it looks on English language Hometown servers by default 🤷‍♂️

He died as he lived: waiting for a Unity project to finish reimporting

Ahh, the four genders

(taken from the source code for JAGGED ALLIANCE 2 (1999) -- I wrote about this in my book

Wow I'm full of typos today. I'm just excited about Friend Camp I guess

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Friend Camp

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