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If you'd like to play Backgammon on the oldest continually running internet Backgammon server, and you'd like to do it on the command line via Telnet, well do I have a tutorial for you:

Wow I finally found an essay by Brian McHale that unpacks my absolute favorite thing about Pynchon's "Against the Day" -- the fact that the novel, which takes place from 1893 to ~1920, travels through literary genres, synchronized in the narrative timeline with the era they were popular in our own reality.

He also pinpoints Pynchon's queering of the British spy novel, which I love (quote attached).

I've put the essay here though will take it down in a few days:

"this will be the line people quote, I guarantee, if they quote anything from this post"

It's not even November yet in my time zone but National Novel Generation Month (NaNoGenMo) has kicked off with a bang. I laughed pretty hard at this novel about a beleaguered teacher whose students keep interrupting them and throwing them off track of their lecture--

Sample output:

Development thread:

Hip hop 

Current status: still losing myself in the little universe of characters created by Chicago rapper Serengeti. In particular his album Ajai, about an Indian-American dude whose obsession with hypebeast streetwear drops drives him to ruin (and his neighbor to internet MMA stardom). The second half of the album is from the supply side, where washed-up white rapper Kenny Dennis is hustling for Instagram verification and collab jeans he can flip for a few hundred bucks

For the uninitiated, the massively popular free computer game for children Roblox has been completely offline for an unprecedented three days and the outage began about an hour after an in-game chipotle promotion giving away burritos to players begun

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The longer Roblox is down the less I accept the “it’s not because we put chipotle in the game” line from the company

Awesome to see @despens present about the Wikibase Stakeholder Group at #wikidatacon, which is a cooperative for using, building and maintaining extensions to the Wikibase software that is behind Wikidata.

It would be super to see more involvement from the creators of Wikibase core though, or maybe that's happening already?


Tried the free Steam demo of Terraformers and quite liked it! It's a sort of a strategy boardgamey thing about transforming Mars into a human habitat.

“success is for creeps”
— bobcat goldthwait

Facebook leaks 

There is a HIGHLY likely alternate reality where I would be the guy at Facebook producing internal whitepapers like this very interesting one about Facebook Groups (I used to do exactly that internally for companies making Facebook games)

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Facebook leaks 

There is growing pressure for the consortium of journalists with access to the leaked Facebook documents to focus on redaction and wide release instead of holding the docs close to their chest.

In the meantime you can watch the comments on this Gizmodo post where journalists there are posting links to substantive documents from the leaks, which they have put online:

hip hop 

holy crap there's a new Aesop Rock / Blockhead album coming out next month! you can preorder here (Blockhead produced the best tracks on Labor Days)

politics, far right 

Trump's new social media site appears to be a Mastodon fork reskinned to look like a far right Twitter. (Screencaps via

Obscene text 

The funniest thing I have ever seen in my life was when my roommates and I were watching the 1am State of the Union re-run on C-SPAN back in 2013, but they left the Twitter livefeed on overnight, unmoderated

I'd appreciate a little more warning to get my life in order, Apple.

Today I learned (GNU/BSD grep edition) 

grep -5 "foo" *.txt

will search for lines containing "foo" in *.txt files in your directory ... and also provide the 5 lines before and after each match for context! The number can be any number between 1 and 9.

If you need more than 9 lines you can do:

grep -C 20 "foo" *.txt

There are also -A and -B options that let you specify after-lines and before-lines.

What Jabber account providers would you recommend that is screen reader friendly and in English? #XMPP #Accessibility

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