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"small business" 

If you hustle by selling on Etsy, driving for Uber, doing DoorDash, or even funding small projects via gofundme as an "independent contractor" you are not a small business in how most people mean it. You are an alienated worker who is managed and exploited by the platform.

When politicians speak of "small business" they mean landlords with less than 100 rentals, restaurants with less than 10 locations, less than 10K employees. That's not gig workers.

one time i went over to @darius ’s house and said “may i come in” and he replied “good to know you’re a confirmed vampire, of course you can come in” and now whenever i ask to enter someone’s home i think about it

It's very exciting to see digital repositories starting to pick up on the fact that they can create a web archive and embed it with the <replay-web-page> JavaScript component in their repository pointed at the WACZ file, and they have a fully functional web archive player for their web archive:

For example this from the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive:

Success - Retro Mac Typeface - Mini Food 

So I copied MiniFood from a screenshot

Not sure how it was organized originally, but i have it covering 0-9, a-z, and A-Z

The wider symbols, like the icecream sandwich, banana, watermelon, or fish, might could use some adjustment

I have this as two files:

1. a rapidly aging Font Forge file:

and 2. a even-less-modern BDF file:

I'm sure someone could turn this into an OTF if they wanted.

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Child (whispering): I drew nipples.
Me: 😹😂🤣
Child (enraged): IT’S NOT FUNNY!!!!
Child (whispering): it’s just nipples.

I found myself wandering about in #scuttlebutt again. It's such a wild experiment that just keeps going. I really like how time flows on there. 🦀

recent changes to @poem_exe:
- deleted the phrase "to the moon" (thanks crypto)
- temporarily banned snails (just for fun), right after it generated this one:

Self promoting Vancouver market event 

Hey hey all you sluts and criminals! Sewing Seeds will be tabling for the first time since shut down, selling scarves, poetry cards, prints, patches, collages and jewellery.

If you have some time this evening and would like to see me, come by
Love Potion Magickal Marketplace
1104 Main St. Ste 100
between 4-8

Love ya!

web dev, react - 

Remember the DRY principle in web application development:

Don't React Yourself

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web dev, react - 

I just spent 4 hours trying to do something the idiomatic React way, trying about 6 different implementations involving many lines of code changes.

Ultimately I gave up and wrote 2 lines of plain JS to fix the issue. Will it probably bite me in the ass later? Sure. Would the many lines of code changes that React wanted me to do ALSO have bitten me in the ass later? Also yes. At least this is a *legible* piece of inadvisable code.

Via @DavidBlue I found this great #OpenScience project:

"Manubot is a workflow and set of tools for the next generation of scholarly publishing", based on #markdown and #git no less!

It is queued for inclusion in delightful-open-science ..

Obituary, avant-garde musician 

I am sitting in a room different from the one you are in now. I am mourning Alvin Lucier.

I just uploaded something for NaNoGenMo (National Novel Generation Month) 2021.

It is called Strivriven and it is a diffusion of a sentence. It expands and propagates in a somehow ‘electrical’ way (following a sine wave with frequency modulation). You can see/download the book (PDF, 37 MB) here:

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