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@darius I am in my 40s and can tell you that age isn’t, as sometimes claimed, just a number. It’s a whole series of numbers. And when you spell it out, there are letters. I expect my age to start with an “f”, in some contexts, for several more years.

There are a lot of younger people here on the fediverse. Some advice: no matter what anyone says, your 20s are, without a doubt, a time when your age starts with 2.

Now I'm in my late 30s and have some distance on my 20s. I can tell you that your age starting with 3 is something you're going to have to wait to experience until your 30s, with the obvious exception of when you were 3.

My older friends and loved ones assure me that my 40s are going to be a time of a 4 in the tens digit of my age.

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Born too late to have 1982 on my birth certificate... born too soon to have 1984 on my birth certificate 😔

i've said it once, i'll say it again, the way @emojibot generates the images and the image description in tandem is so cool

Latest #FOSSAcademic blog post: I'm mashing that subscribe button.

TL;DR version: if I'm going to understand creativity on the #fediverse, I need to pay artists for their work. Since I have research funding, and I'm doing research, it's subscribe time! But, what does that mean for recruiting interviewees? Read on for more.

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SPA/jira complaining 

I just imagined a for Jira and, god, I would pay extremely good money for this. (The major problem here is I imagine Atlassian's API and long-term support for 3rd party clients is way, way poorer than Mastodon's.)

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This is just... Taking out a loan from your employer? To buy shares from your employer? That's tied to conditions of your employment?

Have you completely forgotten the fourth crack commandment?

SPA/jira complaining 

My kingdom for a multi-page app version of Jira. Like... the main use case I have for it is having a tab open for every open ticket I'm working on. It's like the opposite of the use case for a single-page app.

My favourite playful abuse of a soulless tech website by far is Pokey the Penguin's LinkedIn account

Pokey the Penguin has personally endorsed my skills in "pasta", "firefighting", and "contemporary dance", and if that doesn't give me the edge when negotiating with potential employers I don't know what will

I initially joined in 2018, but it didn't click for me. But in April, like many of you I arrived back here, this time on I feel like I've found an online.

So this week on my podcast I interviewed one of the loudest evangelists of decentralized social networks, Darius Kazemi. He's a computer programmer, digital artist, and runs I enjoyed learning from him and hope you do too.

I have several significant problems with this “the Easter bunny is coming to Massachusetts” book but my top two are definitely that the illustrator has never seen a boston cream pie before and that the author does not know Easter is not every 365 days

Amy Ruskin on why it was useful for the Boston Research Center to use their own Wikibase rather than Wikidata proper:

- Notability concerns
- Privacy controls
- Control of data model (no property proposal process)
- Edit access (mitigate vandalism, unwanted edits)


All relevant to today: there was a major cost of living crisis in the years leading up to Luddism, wages simply didn’t keep up. The Napoleanic War had seriously disrupted exports to Europe. There was a speculative bubble of people with means buying and renting out frames.

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Reading about a Google Research project that generates videos of objects bumping into each other. I thought, cool, this is cute for like, making random weird vids!

Then I read the attached section on why they made it in the first place

Folks, they are trying to make up for the lack of ground truth video of physical object interaction by *simulating those interactions and training the AI on the simulation*

The first union in a AAA studio (by Vice's counting) has just won the NLRB vote to bring itself into existence, after announcing an intent to form back around January.

The union in question is not big— about 28 members, comprising the QA team of a sub-studio of Activision Blizzard that does overflow work on Call of Duty titles— but unionization is so rare in games it's still a milestone. Interestingly I guess this means it will also be a rare union within Microsoft?

retro game emulation answer 

aha! from a locked account:

> retroarch has an "image viewer" core that will apply filters to images

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retro game emulation question 

Is there an application out there (command line, web app, whatever) where I can apply a popular CRT shader like CRT-Royale to a single screenshot from a game? Like, just apply it like a photoshop filter

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