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help pixel pay for college :boost_requested: 

hello friends

I just got my final bill for my last year of college. $17,200. I only get about $2,000 in loans. That still leaves $15,200.

I currently live with my transphobic parents and cannot sustain living here after school. I've paid for all of my schooling through working up to five jobs at a time up to now, but with each year that passes by, the school has been rolling back my financial aid and it has been very difficult to keep up. I'm still living on a meal a day.

If you'd be willing to toss coin to a neurodivergent, queer, trans, east/southeast asian person, my handles are below.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far.


I'm an #AppleII hacker best known for cracking thousands of disks:

Passport cracks a lot of disks automatically:

I also preserve still-protected disks:

Anti-M boots a lot of protected disks:

Pitch Dark, an Infocom text adventure pack:

Total Replay, an arcade pack:

Million Perfect Letters, a shifty word game:

I love the summer solstice, but I also am acutely aware that it means the days get shorter for the next 6 months :(((

Paul Slocum, software developer who has been curating, conserving, and selling digital art since 2006 wrote an excellent and extensive survey of the effects and problems in the takeover of networked culture by creepto-capital.

He couldn't find a suitable publication for his critical perspective which speaks volumes about the state of media institutions which made a name and raise funding precisely promoting the opposite values to those of blockchain culture and now are totally integrated and participating in the cultural and economic distortion described by Paul.

Do read and share widely.

I could complain about a lot of other things in my garden but there is no question that my peas are loving this cold, wet, long spring.

These are Magnolia Blossom Sugar Snap Peas from Adaptive Seeds:

If you are interested moving to (or just setting up an alt here) please send me a DM!

You can find out more info about the server here:

For the moment I will not be inviting strangers, only a small number of people I’m already acquainted with.

Once again I have defied the gods and written another newsletter. The biggest news in this one is that my poetry zine, Schatzi, is now available for purchase online at Bishop & Wilde!

Better lighting photo of Kim. I think I need to hit this with a varnish to even out how shiny it is because some of the paint I used high gloss media with and some dried more matte.

Just in time for #WholesomeWednesday here's the latest addition to our #GoatGang.

She's a little bit wobbly on her hooves and as of now still unnamed.

Any suggestions #Fediverse?

I'll attach a handy poll in the follow-up Toot.

#GoatsOfMastodon #goats #MastoGoats

agitprop + dealing with spam 

problem: I get invited to Whatsapp crypto spam groups all the time 😔
opportunity: finally, an audience for my insufferable shit!

Feels really good every time at work that I reduce the bundle size of our production web application by another ~100kb or so

#SummerSchool registration is OPEN! Submit your talks or sign up to participate at - we're accepting abstracts for presentations until the 1st of July!

This is open to any and all disciplines, and any project that doesn't fit into a neat disciplinary box. No need to be on - anyone can submit!

Feel free to DM this account if you have any questions, and that link again is

Literally every time I have opened Google Chrome since April 2012 I have said "Chrom." in the Fire Emblem Awakening character bark voice

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