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@darius I'm just enjoying the implication that the other 24 states have such lax food safety standards that they just let people eat poisoned salad dressing

Just saw this headline: "Salad Dressing Recalled in 26 States"

Now imagining an article that is 26 interviews:

"Ummm... yeah I remember salad dressing. That's the liquid you put on salad to lubricate and flavor the leaves, right?" - A man from Nevada

etc etc

Alternately it's interviews with one person in 26 different mental states. States of matter? Idk

Listening to Theorizing the Web podcast series focusing on #luddism.

Thanks to @tante for the heads-up

TIL: Federation of Democratic Instances (FeDI). "Members of FeDI are those instances that have completed a democratization process and operate as a cooperative democracy."

Kinda exciting to see some people from trying out GoToSocial. In the spirit of being honest + straightforward, I just wanna make it known to everyone that:

  1. GoToSocial is still in ALPHA not even beta yet, so expect bugs. Many bugs! It’s constantly being patched and updated. Look at all these issues!
  2. There’s lots of stuff missing still. Hashtags don’t work properly yet. Polls don’t work. You can’t upload videos. All that stuff is on the roadmap document, which you can read right here ->
  3. Despite all that, it’s pretty neat software imo. It might be nowhere near finished but it’s already zippy and doesn’t use a lot of resources, and you can use it for day-to-day posting no problem.

SO! It’s awesome if you wanna try it out and help find + fix broken stuff, that’s the whole point of alpha after all 😎 But don’t expect a 1:1 smooth transition from Mastodon to GoToSocial, cuz that’s probably not gonna happen! If you have a low tolerance for jank and just want something that straight up works, you’re best off looking for other software at this point ;)

yeah I fucking love ASMR


makes me feel all tingly and shit

@darius earth without AR (augmented reality) is ETH (etherium) so keep playing pokémon go

Kind of want a bumper sticker that says "EARTH WITHOUT 'EAR' IS 'TH'"

When I think about a "minimal daily life" computer, often looking back to the last non-PC pre-Internet machines like the Apple iigs and the Amiga, it rapidly becomes apparent how a "minimal daily life" machine doesn't even fit the metaphors of those machines because they were tailored to be *part* of daily life and not *the center of* daily life. 2/

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just came across a new mastodon instance called and just had to follow like everyone on it cause its filled with interesting folks... #followthursday

Very niche question: Is there any other way to program bigraphs other than ocaml?

90s rap 

was reminded about O.C.'s "Time's Up" and ughhh I love this song so much. My favorite opening to a rap song ever, maybe?

> You lack the minerals and vitamins, irons and the niacin / fuck who did I offend, rappers sit back I'm bout to begin

Also there's so much in this track that's been sampled on other songs, it's wild

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