i'm blocking my sweater in a bucket, and i put a plate on top of it so it wouldn't float out, just like you'd put a little plate in a pickle crock

watched enough riverdale now to say confidently: archie has a soft brain

holy shit just realized i've been purling incorrectly for ten years

please do not look at the errors in my sweater and instead please look at the successful parts. thank's

MY SWEATER IS FINISHED. i made many mistakes, some of which i have corrected and some of which i haven't, but dang it, i made it

nice thing about knitting and watching tv is that since you can only kind of pay attention to the tv, the shows don't actually have to be that good. so SEXY ARCHIE HERE I COME

anybody have any advice on how to melt into a puddle

i won a capture the flag hacking competition at work and i am using my prize money to buy lipstick

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