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i want to learn to paint better but i crave a structured curriculum- if you type "learn to paint" into google you get stuff like "FIVE TIPS FOR BEGINNERS: BUY PAINT AND ALSO A BRUSH" which is not helpful after a certain point. how 2 get gud???

walked all the way to the local yarn shop, where i buckled under pressure (???) and bought the wrong kind of liquid for blocking a sweater

my primary hobby right now is: watching many episodes of forgettable tv as i knit a sweater

at this very moment i'm cooking two types of legumes and later i'm gonna cook a third. happy legume cooking day (sunday)

about me: i have had a whole peppercorn lodged in my macbook's exhaust port for several months

from this ny times article about what bruno latour's been up to

ok i think i whiffed it on the "briefing" concept

late afternoon briefing 

would i be more effective working from home if i changed out of my jammies? i don't know and i never intend to find out


it's finally cold enough here for a HOT TODDY

in my other hobbies i can often skate by on cleverness and not worry so much about care but for sewing it has been a labor of love, and this is doing things to me

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i've been learning to sew clothes and it's remarkable how the quality of the finished product is almost exclusively a result of how much care and attention you put in. i love it

joe pera : listening to baba oriley :: me : watching joe pera listen to baba oriley

the montage of joe pera listening to baba oriley is the best and i will watch it 10000 additional times

the episode of diamond is unbreakable where they eat italian food and scooby doo it up is one of the greatest things

local timeline is a thing that is actually kind of great on tiny instances like this one

luv 2 drink the scoby piss

losing friends and loved ones for using the term "scoby piss" but i luv it 2 much

here's a picture that was saved on my computer as "FUCK.jpg"

Friend Camp

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