gonna start replacing the word "partner" with "companion" in my vocab bc that makes me happy

mundane life update 

flustered emotions aside, today was a good day for resetting my feelings and body and i’m grateful that people in my life generally and genuinely want to have healthy relationships with me

noooo i paused at the side of the sidewalk to finish posting this and then she saw me and smiled and waved, why wasn’t i ever taught to be cool around pretty women

she took a sweet picture of me on a boat because she liked how it looked

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i’m such a preteen boy sometimes. i get so flustered when a woman is nice to me.

a woman and i were in the same vicinity and after 45 minutes when we were leaving we started talking and she got my number to text me a picture and now so childishly “wow!!!!! she’s so nice to me!!!!!!” WHY AM I LIKE THIS

shout out to how good the monkey emojis are 🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒

this history museum’s tag line is “come see what’s _old_” and i’m very into it

lately, red wine gives me headaches and i'm mourning the end of an era. an era of infinite casual red wine

i wanna make a hoodie that says ANTI ANTI SOCIAL SOCIAL CLUB

how do i consistently have so many dreams, dozens, hundreds, in which i am driving a car only to realize that i got in the seat behind the drivers seat and i can’t reach the pedals

depression and jet lag are kicking my ass because i have finally woken up for the day and it’s 4:47 pm

gender ignorance/misgendering, -, complaining/trashing on my friend 

mostly complaining about the premise, and the ending bit of “non binary people who are female-identified,” and imagining any human thinking i would be interested in this

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gender ignorance/misgendering, -, complaining/trashing on my friend 

someone genuinely sent this to me, i think literally as an “opportunity” i should look into

what the fuck lmao this is so many levels of trash fire


candle wax doing that good shit. full-moon shenanigans.

this morning the birds gotta talk to each other and the spring sun is loud

selfie no ec boosts + 

feeling cute absolutely will not delete

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