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i don't know what gauge my septum piercing is, so idk how to replace it

i'm very focused on my task, i say, posting on a website, unrelated to my task, about how focused i am

i’m not surprised that it wasn’t, but footloose had the potential to be real gay

something funny i made (i tried to write a paragraph about what this is, but i kept deleting it bc idk how to make a description about this and not be self-deprecating, sorry....)

cons of having only a cat as a roommate: cat won’t tell me to shut the fuck up and go to bed

I made a game for #sadmechjam!

The Junkyard: Play as a group of children exploring a junkyard, trying to piece together a broken mech and the story of how it got there.

‪help i’m doing bar karaoke soon and i’m not used to singing with my current voice yet (idk how to do a strong falsetto anymore), so half of my karaoke playlist is out, pls help and give song suggestions for me to practice in the next 3 hours‬

this has become my favorite comment on the internet i have stumbled across recently and it brings me so much joy. 😭 thank u so much, aylish morehouse, from 3 months ago

Attention everyone, @objelisks just ported @wildflowersbot over to Mastodon. This is one of my all-time favorite bots. It calms me every time I see it in my feed.

i spent the night with @objelisks and they told me that i woke up in the middle of the night and said, "i feel that all of the stickers must be used" and idk how to not humble-brag about this, but i think this is the most endearing thing i know about myself

what if cashews were like 2 feet long (scaled proportionally)

i just learned what the acid2 test is and i: cannot stop laughing and am extremely inspired and this has now become so important to me

My mom: I like your crafting button
Me: my what?
Mom: your crafting button
My jacket:

selfie with a ~winter cardigan~ for those winter holiday looks 

hi, happy holidays!

lately i’ve finally been founding ways that selfies make me feel cute, so i’m a lil happy!

another picture of me and @objelisks - we found a mirror among some trees

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