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Time for an (again) I guess!

I'm Emma. I make electronic as Deerful, and now also as heartsease. Currently I use the language ixi lang for most of my songs.

By day, I music subcultures and social worlds, online and off, and lecture. Right now I'm writing my PhD thesis on players in the UK.

I make *lots* of stuff, mostly music, but also /games/other stuff. You can see some of it at or


extremely momentarily popping my head back in to say that I’m at in Sheffield, playing at DINA at 10pm tonight and at the winter garden at 11am; recognise me by my rainbow overalls; come say hello if you see me, I’m mostly at a loose end

the only terminal text editor i've ever used is micro which i presume is short for microwave meal

@cadit thank you for your support in propagating 100% fact

emacs is short for eat (big) macs and vim is short for (drink) Vimto and this is 100% fact

this is just to say

plums plums plums

who called it "dabbling in things man was not meant to know" and not "cracking open an Old One"

(full credit to @deerful and @darius for inspiring this with comments in their Too Much Not Enough episode about Rimworld)

New episode of Too Much Not Enough! @deerful and I talk about the videogame Rimworld, which we have occasionally played together via video chat. As an added bonus, you get to listen to Emma* knife a killer robot to death

Also: we're going on hiatus because I'm ridiculously busy these days.

*simulated Emma

this was the best time I had the best tiiiiime

Hello, I have not been here much but re-emerging tentatively. I am playing an algorave tonight, at St James Hatcham in New Cross if you’re in London, 9pm GMT/1pm PST at (where people are streaming live-coded stuff for 84 hours straight) if you’re not. If that’s a thing you are interested in and would like to see/hear.

hey so by request you can now screenshot the full-length text on this as well as the view square, in case you want to do something other than post your blackout poetry to Instagram/Pixelfed/somewhere with image thumbnails.

I made a little thing on Glitch for making blackout poetry, so you can be emo on the internet faster and more efficiently

Hey! There's a new episode of Too Much Not Enough! This week @deerful and I talk about what it was like for her to be a 12 year old girl making websites in the early 2000s. Subjects include: Neopets, tables vs divs, being cool enough to purchase a domain name, adoptables, blinkies, guestbooks, subcultural studies, and the allure of being horny on main.

Just in case it's of interest to anyone: my installation guide for the language has been updated, both with a link to my working standalone build, and step-by-step instructions for getting ixi working with SuperCollider on both OS X and Windows.

New episode of Too Much Not Enough! @deerful and I talk about mobile music production, aka making songs on your phone and other portable computer devices!

Hey did you know that I do a podcast with @deerful where we talk about our obsessions? Well we just kicked off Season 2 with an episode about Fourier transforms, a mathematical concept that is apparently really hard to teach well. This does not stop me from trying to teach Emma in 25 minutes.

also: he’s not a coffee snob but most coffee is ‘just quite poor’ because ‘it’s an exquisitely sensitive vegetable’ (my dad is good)

Dad update: he’s very very into Linux Ubuntu but doesn’t know how to turn the WiFi on

My parents are currently playing 20 questions; my dad has a ‘three wise men’ card stuck to his head and is going ‘I know there’s three of them and I know they’re men. What else is there to know? Are they sportspeople?’

At my mum’s for Christmas, and here is Rusty the cat. She’s super weird and I love her more than she loves me.

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