extremely momentarily popping my head back in to say that I’m at in Sheffield, playing at DINA at 10pm tonight and at the winter garden at 11am; recognise me by my rainbow overalls; come say hello if you see me, I’m mostly at a loose end

the only terminal text editor i've ever used is micro which i presume is short for microwave meal

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@hirnbrot@mstdn.io vimto is good and so are big macs (it is science)

@cadit thank you for your support in propagating 100% fact

emacs is short for eat (big) macs and vim is short for (drink) Vimto and this is 100% fact

this is just to say

plums plums plums

who called it "dabbling in things man was not meant to know" and not "cracking open an Old One"

(full credit to @deerful and @darius for inspiring this with comments in their Too Much Not Enough episode about Rimworld)

@kit @darius dammit ghostbustrs is not oulipo compliant aftr all

@kit @darius Poop died doing what he loved: firing massive incendiary devices at 700 year old mechanoids

@darius if i ever knife a robot to death irl you will be the first to know

New episode of Too Much Not Enough! @deerful and I talk about the videogame Rimworld, which we have occasionally played together via video chat. As an added bonus, you get to listen to Emma* knife a killer robot to death

Also: we're going on hiatus because I'm ridiculously busy these days.


*simulated Emma

@lichen @clinkingdog I think the archived stream is being chopped up and uploaded after the weekend, but there’s 84 hours of it in total so it might be a while. but failing that I have just been emailed a recording, so...yes, one way or another!

Hello, I have not been here much but re-emerging tentatively. I am playing an algorave tonight, at St James Hatcham in New Cross if you’re in London, 9pm GMT/1pm PST at youtube.com/eulerroom/live/ (where people are streaming live-coded stuff for 84 hours straight) if you’re not. If that’s a thing you are interested in and would like to see/hear.

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