Kramer vs. Kramer 

@casey maybeeee krame goes back in time in order to tell himself not to waste so much time building a time machine. and they have a big fight about it.

dog, petsmart 

@casey thinking about what it would be like if dogs actually did take the last name of their “mom” or “dad” instead of, as is often the case, the last name of their “owner”.

cape gooseberries / groundcherries, trip report, Q 

@casey this has definitely crossed my mind. but we watched this thing sprout up from a big mound, so i want to just interpret the feeling as like “oooh it’s giving me life”

cape gooseberries / groundcherries, trip report, Q 

@casey we just grew some oyster mushrooms, and eating them makes me feels slightly high. but mostly in my…respiratory system? it’s interesting. i think i like it. (li does not have the same experience when eating them).

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scone opinions 

@tripofmice i simultaneously agree and also would not turn down a chocolate scone were it offered to me

@cody i always wondered how crumar stuff sounded. the brand name itself, to me, sounds like a donut.


@casey using a vacuum sealer

@jonbro daaammnnn these are some great mushrooms

google products 

@casey i definitely conflated this with the Deniro/Hathaway picture “The Intern”

@nicknicknicknick i would never, Never trust chris pratt the way i almost inexplicably trust paul rudd

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@Moss glad they didn’t goof up and write “endearing”. that would’ve been a big whoops.

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@Moss no idea, but my instinct is that those three are on a spectrum from more of a separate-entities situation to something more free-flowing and amorphous

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