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it is good that “shake yer butt” has a nice percussive rhythm to it

New Fashion Line 

Couth & Gruntled

Big Thief 

Big Thief is getting a lot of hype...

and i think that is good! i like them!

late night confessionz / DK diary 

bonus confession is that i am having an extremely hard time getting a job and i wish i understood why. i wish i understood what was happening. why i’m not even getting interviews. part of the problem is that i’m not applying to enough places. but it still feels so strange to see that places are still hiring weeks after i’ve applied, and conclude that...i don’t know. maybe they didn’t like my cover letter. it’s not like i don’t have past work experience. idk.

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late night confessionz / DK diary 

writing songs “for me” (as opposed to for soundtracks or something) feels connected to a vulnerable part of me that i have numbed/suppressed. it feels like something that i need to start doing again in order to truly feel like “myself”, but it’s also connected to a lot of painful memories and feelings. there’s some hope and joy in the act but it also raises so much despair, guilt, and fear. i need to work through this.


i would have been 2 years old. there’s no way i have a memory of this.

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Do y’all remember 1992’s hit dance song “Dur dur d'être bébé! (It's Tough to Be a Baby)", — sung by a 4 and 1/2 year old?

an extremely young me danced around the living room listening to that.

fun classic pop song trick: a single high piano note playing repeatedly

softbank again 

there is something very sweet about it. and something staggering. like being crushed by a very confused hug.

think ‘til our brains crush could be a very interesting game show

i treasure my buddy-like relations


I know that’s the name of a hair stylist but every time i see this bottle i think “ah yes, my VITAL SASSOON. give it here, child. I need this sassoon.”


Peter Friendcampton


working on the dialogue for this game the other day, I suggested a line like “Would you be willing to help out a roving courier?”

my friend was somehow unfamiliar with the word “roving” but described it as “loaded with horny energy”

friend camp irl meetings 

if anyone is ever in the area, i’d be happy to meet. even though my icon was a Boo for a long time on account of they are shy and generally find confidence when nobody is looking.

feeling a lot of second-hand adrenaline rn.


no editing was involved. no deliberate actions whatsoever.

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This just happened. I am losing it.

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Friend Camp

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