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i would make an excellent Bee, because i have a good deal of practice Bumbling

Aw heck. I didn’t realize my intro would re-post when I made a new one. Quick, someone else do an intro so it looks more like a thing that’s just happening.

i am just a friendly camper who likes making a good racket and is curious about so many things.

Where did we get the colloquial phrase “wheel and deal”


i am sorry to everyone for this heinous synthesis

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You cast your gaze to the endless sky, and you holler
“what happens now”

*ukulele + glockenspiel*

Welcome to 2day. A new startup that’s changing the way you think about the present.

We start by applying the principles of mindfulness meditation to the PR profiles of major figures in pop culture. We end by becoming burger king.

Tomorrow’s past. Yesterday’s future.


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Tomorrow’s past. Yesterday’s future.

what company would this be

job search 

apply to 1 place a week and get no bites. apply to five in 2 days and every one of them wants to have an interview lolol

Filling out an application to a coffee shop. They want me to describe my most memorable meal.

It is. So difficult. Not to riff on Ice-box plums.

social stuff 

went to the seattle devs holiday party

the good news: i think i crushed it with my 2 karaoke songs

the bad news: i did not feel able to strike up a conversation with anyone p much all night. i started a couple towards the very end but they both ended extremely awkwardly. the last person i talked to said “i don’t get out very much” at one point. i said “sure. me too. meee toooo.” and then they literally walked away without saying anything else.

i am visiting a friend with a dog who licks other a lot (haku licks himself mostly) and does not bark at himself or others (haku barks at others in the morning for food)

↕️ Lick Bark

↔️ Self Others

the San Francisco airport is full of surreal things, but then again, so is everywhere.

does this spell FOG for a reason. it seems ominous.

“Bun Coriginal Jifts”

international Q 

Can anyone confirm this claim?

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airport breakfast 

Update: Somehow I thought the departure time was the boarding time. I am ON the PLANE. but the breakfast journey has been delayed.

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airport breakfast 

i am awake and going to the airport. i am dreaming of the airport breakfast that will soon be mine.

a bagel? weird egg basket? eerie morning sbarro calzone? will report back.

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