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Errr I made an album?? flixography.bandcamp.com

It's a collection of the instrumental things I've been putting on SoundCloud (although there is one new one as well) - so if you've been enjoying those and want to own them, now you can!

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Installing ixi lang - tips and tricks (updated 11/01/2019)

My last record, Tell Me I Can Fix This On My Own, was made with ixi lang, a programming language built on top of Supercollider by Thor Magnusson for live-coding music. I love it to bits, it’s a wonderful introduction to creative programming, and I want everyone to try it.

I’ve also had a few messages from people who are struggling to get it working, since it can be a little tricky. Here’s what I’ve figured out so far about getting it up and running. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you find any other workarounds. I’ll update this post with any new information as and when I get it.

Please note, I am not the developer; bug reports about how the software itself works should be directed to Thor.

For OS X users - standalone app

The standalone app is the simplest option, but only works on OS X.

If you are on a Mac running Sierra or later, the version linked from the form on the ixi lang website will not work. Use this link to download ixi as a .dmg instead. This appears to work for most people.

After you run the .dmg, make sure you drag the files inside somewhere on to your system, rather than trying to run them straight from the popup window - another user has told me this worked for them.

That said, none of this worked for me. I was only able to install the ixi standalone app on my Mac by copying and pasting the files from an old machine I’d installed it on back in 2016. I don’t know why this is! My build is available here - download the ‘ixi lang’ folder to anywhere on your computer, and just run the app from the file with the orange icon.

Bear in mind that this is a very old version - it seems to work for most people, but it probably shouldn’t! Saving snapshots appears to be slightly bugged and inconsistent, but it is functional enough for me to perform live from it.

For OS X and Windows users - Supercollider classes

If you’re on OS X, but can’t get the standalone app working, or you want to use ixi inside SuperCollider, you need to install it as a Supercollider extension.

If you’re on Windows, there is no standalone app, but you can use ixi inside the program SuperCollider.

Ignore the instructions on the ixi lang website - the links are incorrect, and the released version does not work on newer versions of Supercollider.

Try these instructions, using a version of the software edited by Lucy of Heavy Lifting. In OS X, initialising projects and assigning samples seems to be extremely buggy; I cannot get ixi to automatically create the files it needs to run, so I have provided links to do this manually.

I have not tested it in Windows, but according to Lucy it should run smoothly.

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Just in case it's of interest to anyone: my installation guide for the language has been updated, both with a link to my working standalone build, and step-by-step instructions for getting ixi working with SuperCollider on both OS X and Windows. emmawinston.me/2018/07/18/inst

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New episode of Too Much Not Enough! @deerful and I talk about mobile music production, aka making songs on your phone and other portable computer devices! toomuchnotenough.site/episodes

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My parents are currently playing 20 questions; my dad has a ‘three wise men’ card stuck to his head and is going ‘I know there’s three of them and I know they’re men. What else is there to know? Are they sportspeople?’

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My mum’s neighbours have possibly the actual cutest cats ever?!? I 💚 them.

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At my mum’s for Christmas, and here is Rusty the cat. She’s super weird and I love her more than she loves me.

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Congratulate yourself for doing difficult things, even if they might not seem difficult to others.

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*slaps roof of year* this bad boy can fit so many months in it

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*slaps roof of the space-time continuum* this bad boy can fit so many times in it

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Ha, my #NaNoGenMo project got featured on Glitch. glitch.com/culture/computer-ma

(I am far from fluent in javascript so I do not recommend trying to learn anything from my code, but it was fun!)

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cuz I need to tell you somethin: (emojis) Show more

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Hey! There's a new episode of the podcast I co-host with @deerful where we talk about our obsessions. This week is one of mine: the fiction of Thomas Pynchon. toomuchnotenough.site/episodes

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*slaps roof of the repair shop* this bad boy can fit so many tools for the repairs in it

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Friend Camp

The decentralized web is about trust. You should only join Friend Camp if you personally trust Darius Kazemi with your social media data. You probably only have that level of trust if we are IRL friends or have been internet friends for a long time. Generally speaking this is a small, closed community. In the end, Darius is the arbiter of what is allowed here. If you don't have a good idea of the kind of behavior that flies with Darius, again, you probably shouldn't join this instance. In the interest of specificity, we do have a code of conduct and privacy policy which you should read.

Friend Camp features several modifications that were requested by our users.

  • you can log in via any subdomain, which means you can log in to multiple accounts in the same browser session (for example, log in once on friend.camp and then as another user on alt.friend.camp)
  • they are no longer called "toots", they are now "posts"
  • if you have a locked account and you get a follow request, a reminder appears under your "post" button (on normal Mastodon mobile it is otherwise buried in a sub-menu and you might not see it for a long time)
  • the emoji dropdown is a neutral smiley face instead of the cry-laughing smiley
  • @mentions are rendered as "@user" for a Friend Camp user and "@user@domain" for remote users. This helps clear up when you follow two people who have the same username on different servers.
  • there is a "never ask me again" checkbox on the confirmation for clearing your notifications -- more info here
  • images in a CW'ed post are collapsed behind the CW. When you expand the CW, you can see the whole image immediately. more info here
  • When an mp3 link is in a post, we also embed an inline mp3 player. git commit here
  • 500 characters of profile text git commit here, requested by @emma

Important Bit from the Privacy Docs

If you want decent privacy (the info doesn't leave this server), the only way to do that is to set your account to private, only accept friend requests from other friend.camp users, and only ever @ mention other friend.camp users. Once you start talking to people on other servers, all bets are off. Any private message you send to someone on another server could be looked at by the admin of a different server. This is kind of like email: if you are on a private email server, and you send an unencrypted email to a gmail account, congrats, Google now has the content of that email. But also, you do this every day, so, hey. The internet!

Our beautiful icon is based on photo3idea_studio from www.flaticon.com, licensed CC 3.0 BY. It has been modified by @casey@friend.camp!