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Peeking back into the fediverse after a long absence. I finally killed my Twitter account (before the whole Elon thing – just got tired of the toxicity), but now it looks like a lot of folks looking for alternatives.

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Wikimedia's Performance Team is hiring! We aspire to make Wikipedia available at the speed of thought, from anywhere.

We work on the open-source MediaWiki platform and on our supporting performance tools. We both enable others through perf tools, education, and best practices; and lead cross-team engineering efforts to bring site perf to the next level.

DM open, ask me anything!

#webperf #fossjobs #fedihired #GetFediHired #PHP

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from @micahflee, about twitter's recent ban of antifascist activist @chadloder.

elon specifically asked andy ngo to send him "antifa accounts" that should be suspended. chad loder was banned shortly after. ngo had previously tried to have loder suspended from twitter, and had even become involved in a legal battle to try to force them to stop reporting on a January 6 insurrectionist.


I just used the one of the new electric-assist Biketown bikes for the first time today (missed the bus and didn't want to wait), and I have to say, those things are pretty fun 😀

Mastodon, organization-run instances 

In particular, it seems very easy to imagine something like a DSA Mastodon instance descending into factional chaos if solid rules and norms are not adopted about accessing user data.

I hope that good practices develop around this as organizations start to shift to the fediverse.

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Mastodon, organization-run instances 

If I understand Mastodon correctly, an instance admin could choose to read the private messages of any user on that instance.

I think there is a unique danger here in terms of instances run by political/activist groups. In the event of a factional dispute within the org, an unscrupulous admin could easily take sides, expose private information, etc.

I hope that orgs who migrate to the fediverse take steps to mitigate these kinds of risks

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God help me, I'm back on my bullshit (of trying to do everything in Emacs again)

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Today's featured article: Roberta Williams

Roberta Lynn Williams is an American video game designer and writer, who co-founded Sierra On-Line with her husband, game developer Ken Williams. In 1980 her first game, Mystery House, became a modest commercial success; it is credited as the first graphic adventure game. She is also known for creating and maintaining the King's Quest series, as well as designing the full motion video game Phantasmagoria in 1995.



A while back I purchased a cold-brew coffee maker on Amazon (big mason jar with a mesh filter and a handle basically), and it is stupid how life-changing it's been. Fill with course ground beans and let sit for 12 or (ideally) 24 hours, and you have delicious cold-brew coffee! No more need for $5 coffees at Stumptown.

This thing has paid for itself many times over:

Returned to the Lan Su Garden in downtown PDX this week while the sun was out, I really love this place.

MediaWiki federated talk pages 

Discussions on MW talk pages can be really challenging for non-experts to follow or participate in. I still struggle with them and I’m a Foundation employee. Over the years there have been some attempts to improve the experience here but nothing has really stuck so far.

What if MW talk pages spoke ActivityPub? Could this allow a wider group of users to participate in discussions about a given Wiki article? Could you allow both reading and writing this way?


"The Theologians", Jorge Luis Borges.

I enjoyed reading this short (10-page) story from the master of literary labyrinths the other day. It's like an epistolary romance, but the story involves two medieval academics who try to one-up each other in the refutation of heresies.

PDF link here:

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If you see this toot (yeah this one right here), can you boost it for me? It will help my new server federate with the wider Mastodon network. 🚀 🙏

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For techies who want to read the ActivityPub specs 

Years ago I tried to learn ActivityPub. I succeeded, but it was difficult. I wrote this blog post which is a "what I wish I knew before trying to learn ActivityPub" guide. It is basically "how to read the specs in a way that will make them make more sense".

I have a static blog and occasionally write something there (would like to get better about this). Would be interesting to have posts automatically show up here, or to allow federated comments via web-mentions. But only if it's not too much of a hassle to set up.

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Ok fedi-friends, here is a question: has anyone had a good experience integrating a blog into their mastodon account? I am vaguely aware of Webmentions, write freely, etc but I'm not really sure what I should dig into.

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