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"can you hear me now" i ask, but in fact you cannot. you can only hear the awful sound of wet beans sliding from the receiver

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> fuck the police, no justice no-
- poplice
- popelice
> fuck the pope’s lice, they ought to think twice

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this morning i got a basic “Panel” class running, which i am going to subclass a million times. ConfirmPanel. AlertPanel. OptionPanel. etc, etc.

it feels better to be working on tooling than to be fumbling my way through the production of a demo, since i want these components to be shareable across games from the outset. i want these works to be useful.

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i have begun the bizarre task of writing a ui framework based on bulma in pygame

tfw yr gf's crow buddies show up at your home looking for their pal, the Bread Lady, but they only see you sitting on the back porch so they're all like, "you'll have to do, groundling! where's the PEANTUS??!" and ofc i must oblige bc i am a Well Trained Human

my favorite part of this arcade tooling is how it abstracts away the geometry of the game board, so i can transition Ambition from a square board to a hex board with literally one line change

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lots of little things that i had to implement in weird ways the first time because i had no idea what i was doing and it was one huge file anyway. now everything is tucked away just right :)

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rewriting Ambition with an arcade framework i wrote and it is Nice

if anybody wants to host code on, uh

registrations are currently open

be careful. i am a bad sysadmin

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someday when EA releases BovidSpace they will pay me fuck-you-money for bovid dot space, forcing me to migrate to bovid dot biz

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i can't believe i snagged

anyway now all my code is going on

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HTML, css, and javascript... these were all technologies designed for augmenting a static collection of linked documents in the 1990s. The reason they’re such an enormous pain in the ass to get to do what you want them to do is because “static collection of linked documents” does not in any way shape or form describe what anyone does with them now.

i know it is intimidating to ask users to install software but every time you enter a URL you are installing software

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the browserweb is incomprehensibly shitty and the reality is as a dev you can actually just opt out of feeding the beast

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