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say goodbye to using targeted ads as a form of tarot. i know that discussing what computers think of you has become a common icebreaker, so this may be a difficult adjustment. instead, try sharing what you think of computers!

NO: the algorithm thinks i’m a chaser with hormonal acne ha ha

YES: it is cruel that we have forced sand to think. why would we do that

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cool fact: the original luddites didn’t oppose technology but rather the bosses using new tech to disenfranchise workers! the bosses then had the luddites murdered in the streets and their arguments were replaced with “tech bad 🤢” to prevent others from carrying on their challenge to industrial authorities

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once you have defeated gender you may wear its strictures as you please, not as trappings but as trophies

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i love meeting new crows.

they've heard the stories about me, who leaves peanuts and never harms a crow, and so they swoop down to the ground thinking they know the deal. breadlady gives peanuts when she sees you, right?

and then she SEES YOU and you're a tiny black bird only so much larger than this giant's hand, and its eyes are TRACKING YOU, its TEETH are SHOWING. the crow thinks OH MY GOD, AM I GOING TO DIE

so they back off to about thirteen feet and i toss them a peanut

when you're a girlboss everyday is a bossfight 🙏

become the monsters of the new world that you needed when you were despairing in the ruins of the old

slamming nerds into zero kelvin lockers where they neither freeze nor die but simply halt

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brb summoning a singularity so i can hold fuckboys at the event horizon as a swirly variant

become the monsters of the new world that you needed when you were despairing in the ruins of the old

what i represent shares in the eternal and approaches the indestructible. even if you kill me, i will recur and recur, for who and what i am lives in the very spirit of our people. nothing is more certain in our nature than the breadth of how we love and fight, and nothing you do can ever destroy that.

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happy pride to all the haters. your shitty death god has an expiry date

@garbados so hey just so you know apparently the _expected_ reaction to being told to grow a pair is not “lungs, kidneys, how soon do you need them, it costs double to cross a border”, so, uh, just an FYI there

them: grow a spine!
me, pretending i don’t have a lab where i grow bones from cultures: ah, i- i had never thought of that. ha ha. certainly a novel idea

and all rights you imagine are the results of enacted social responsibility. this indifferent universe guarantees nothing, so we must do that for each other.

let us assemble together in a riotous manner and destroy a number of iframes!

All relevant to today: there was a major cost of living crisis in the years leading up to Luddism, wages simply didn’t keep up. The Napoleanic War had seriously disrupted exports to Europe. There was a speculative bubble of people with means buying and renting out frames.

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Fascinating. Turns out the Luddites in E Midlands were quite into technology. They modded their machines but often their bosses patented and stole their innovations. #luddites #luddism

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