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hello 👋 my name is diana. i am a computer-toucher, words-fumbler, and kind of a big deal to approximately eight crows.

i write fiction, essays, and p2p software. sometimes i will even post about them 😲

this account is open to follows in honor of the present prevailing trashfire. welcome to the weird wacky web! :hotboi:

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say goodbye to using targeted ads as a form of tarot. i know that discussing what computers think of you has become a common icebreaker, so this may be a difficult adjustment. instead, try sharing what you think of computers!

NO: the algorithm thinks i’m a chaser with hormonal acne ha ha

YES: it is cruel that we have forced sand to think. why would we do that

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cool fact: the original luddites didn’t oppose technology but rather the bosses using new tech to disenfranchise workers! the bosses then had the luddites murdered in the streets and their arguments were replaced with “tech bad 🤢” to prevent others from carrying on their challenge to industrial authorities

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once you have defeated gender you may wear its strictures as you please, not as trappings but as trophies

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i love meeting new crows.

they've heard the stories about me, who leaves peanuts and never harms a crow, and so they swoop down to the ground thinking they know the deal. breadlady gives peanuts when she sees you, right?

and then she SEES YOU and you're a tiny black bird only so much larger than this giant's hand, and its eyes are TRACKING YOU, its TEETH are SHOWING. the crow thinks OH MY GOD, AM I GOING TO DIE

so they back off to about thirteen feet and i toss them a peanut

new essay:

# A Conceptual Introduction to Spritely Goblins

> A transformative paradigm for distributed systems programming.

cc @cwebber

@zzz @darius @garbados Yes, exactly. When I was working on ocappub, the problem I ran into was "well this sounds kind of cool but I have *no idea how to implement this* with our Rails-oriented style of development."

But with Goblins, that's just the way you program. You mostly don't even need to think about the network... you just write the code, with the behavior you want, and it just works over the network.

@darius @cwebber @garbados

My impression and I encourage everyone to correct me where I'm wrong is it makes implementing fine-grained permission systems way easier. This means we don't have to throw up our hands and say, "Sorry I can't stop people from replying to you or harassing you in DMs because the protocol has no way to support or enforce that"

Awesome essay about Spritely Goblins by @garbados, and the experiences of coming to understand why it's interesting:

> It seems like a different order of sorcery than the likes to which I have grown stubbornly accustom. What it makes easy should be a decade of work.

> Goblins [...] provides a model of programming for peer-to-peer applications that makes permissions a kind of first-class object. In this essay I try to explain what that means, but I'll admit I've had some trouble with it so far. It's just... alien. It seems like a different order of sorcery than the likes to which I have grown stubbornly accustom. What it makes easy should be a decade of work. The principle of least authority -- an asymptote! -- made as practical as a parameter.

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new essay:

# A Conceptual Introduction to Spritely Goblins

> A transformative paradigm for distributed systems programming.

cc @cwebber

me: did you know there's an invisible war being waged between guys named Greg and guys named Craig?

my long suffering girlfriend: yes, you bring this up constantly.

me: unseen to us, just as the secret conflict between vampire and werewolves, both Gregs and Craigs are mortal enemies to each other, locked in an eternal struggle...

Too many great quotes, but here's one that hit me in the gut:

"Truly catastrophic software failures rarely get discovered in a sprint review or shipping retrospectives. The serious bugs that induce panic attacks only appear once the software is distributed widely enough to begin to experience edge cases. Most of the time, that only happens long after the software development team has moved on and marked the project as successful or challenged."

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boosts are not endorsements. boosts are a declaration that we are the same being speaking with many mouths. you will join the boostmind. there is no escape

you cannot make me understand what a computer is. your words slide off my latex brain, my bliss unfettered by anxiety-bearing transistors

SMART JOURNALIST (November 2nd): have Dems boxed themselves into a corner in the culture war, conceding that trans people have a right to exist?

SMART JOURNALIST (November 4th): Checking out mastodon because it's clear Musk isn't committed to free speech. for some reason, many instances already have me blocked. interested in hearing the reasoning for this???

legal advice? sorry babe, all my advice is strictly illegal

Since there was a lot of new arrivals recently, I decided it was time for a #FollowFriday. The theme of this one is “Old Timers”.

— @CaribenxMarciaX [en], [es]
Artist and art historian studying colonialism. Caribbean studies scholar.

@crowdagger [en], [fr]
Queer fantasy writer. She has a really beautiful cat.

— @witchsupreme [en], [fr]
Experimental electronic music composer.

— @guerrillarain [en]
Horror fantasy writer. Metalhead.

#FF #FediverseFriday

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Hey admins, if you don't want the "I don't like it" option in the reporting interface, there is a custom css fix that works for now, and I will remove it permanently in a future build. More info about the feature and how to get rid of it in comments here:

A gentle reminder to folks who are new to Mastodon. In solidarity with those in the disabled community who rely on screen readers, we ask that you:

* Add alt text/image descriptions when you post media
* Capitalize the first letter of every word in a hashtag #LikeThis
* Avoid emojis in your display name

UPDATE: So many great questions! Please check the replies to see if your question has been asked and answered ❤️

#StrongerTogether #Accessibility #AltText #Disability #Solidarity #FediTips

gritting my teeth, staring at this disgusting mess of a website, white knuckling my way through posting "boisture, moisture for men!!" before I pivot and yartz into a nearby waste basket.

immediately a woman named Margaret, who lives in Weymouth and insists we must vote Labour, words that mean nothing to me, pops up in my follow requests.

it is 8:39 a.m. and the sun is starting to set.

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