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cool fact: the original luddites didn’t oppose technology but rather the bosses using new tech to disenfranchise workers! the bosses then had the luddites murdered in the streets and their arguments were replaced with “tech bad 🤢” to prevent others from carrying on their challenge to industrial authorities

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once you have defeated gender you may wear its strictures as you please, not as trappings but as trophies

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i love meeting new crows.

they've heard the stories about me, who leaves peanuts and never harms a crow, and so they swoop down to the ground thinking they know the deal. breadlady gives peanuts when she sees you, right?

and then she SEES YOU and you're a tiny black bird only so much larger than this giant's hand, and its eyes are TRACKING YOU, its TEETH are SHOWING. the crow thinks OH MY GOD, AM I GOING TO DIE

so they back off to about thirteen feet and i toss them a peanut

i have seen the contours of eternity and cried aloud to force its shape into the confines of my feeble consciousness. the crackling glacier of all possibility reveals me as a ripple, a thread, a shuddering crystalline wake along its shifting face. creatures beyond comprehension skitter across it, hungering for formless sustenance. beware becoming their chosen, the subject of their inscrutable whims and poisoned gifts, for they covet the ignorance of mortality like a delicacy.

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something vast and formless plucks your inner eyes from their sockets and swallows them whole, so that its wretched innards become the whole of your vision. it ingests your eyes, your lips, your tongue, and all your senses until the space beyond its horrid flesh becomes altogether unimaginable. it inculcates thralls who muster a tireless loyalty made of despair.

but frail is such fealty, and no living spirit however sinister can escape the purview of death.

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it makes a lot of sense that Amazon actually bought Twitch now. If you really look at the model, its basically built around getting a bunch of people who want to make money and have them work for peanuts or nothing at all with the hopes of making some kind of money at some point.

they even have a class of streamer that they showcase as success stories, similar to how the highest tiers of a pyramid scheme can show up to an event and get paid to talk about their success story (of getting in early of the pyramid scheme)

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driving terror into the hearts of all those devils that wished me dead like a five pound nail through gleaming steel. i will not be cowed by fear; it is mine to command, a power not even death can wrest from me.

cross chasms with bold steps. decisive acts crush ailing stricture. a new world struggles, and is born.

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the earth shifts. foundations rock and rumble. the very future roils.

i can't imagine "All right reserved. Pirates welcome." would ever hold up in court but law is already for the rich so who fucking cares

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really leaning into making my code illegal to read tbh

Comparing small community projects to the work of billion-dollar corporations is generally not useful, I find. Wish people would stop doing it, and more importantly, stop using it as a stick to beat said community projects with.

back on my bullshit (transcribing the pf2srd into python)

help black person and their child!

Currently at the ER with jah,

brakes went out in my car which means

1. I can’t work
2. I won’t have a ride home

I need support getting a Lyft back home after this hospital visit as well as getting the brakes fixed

Pls b88st // rp$cocobrown97

date idea: you read me all the words in the dictionary until you find my activation phrase and then we assassinate the nearest head of state together

hey fedi i need a new place to sell my time to survive under capitalism

i have a quite diverse skillset ranging from hardware design to electronics to software, basically: if it's tech, chances are i have some useful knowledge already

i want something remote and with flexible working hours if at all possible


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