a film set in a universe where a specific set of christo-pagan-american holidays operate as forces of nature. population centers have AA batteries in case a holiday deity goes rogue.

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@garbados short story about a gun operator wondering if it's possible to escape this nightmare existence

@callie "yeah i've killed santa. ran a slug through cupid and comet. you ever seen a cthonic reindeer burst from an overwhelming impact? i pray you haven't. of course santa and the lot just come back. they're physical laws, after all. physical laws that can lose their temper."

@garbados "staring through the gun-sight at the night sky, I wonder what made the universe this way. what quirk of the cosmos gave life to our myths. I wonder if it can ever be undone. the siren blares again."

@garbados Terry Pratchet’s Hogfather. The movie is pretty good.

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