it's so weird to experience existence as a singular consciousness but to in fact represent a layercake of behavioural machines

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you think it's cute to be three crows in a trenchcoat pretending to be a human? but is it cute to be a complex of interwoven intelligences pretending to be an autonomous consciousness? because baybee that's multicellular life

no i am not just distracting from the fact that i may or may not be three crows in a trenchcoat. i am receiving many questions already answered by my probably not being three crows in a trenchcoat.

you think "diana a trenchcoat is much too big for three crows. you would need many more crows than that to operate a trenchcoat" to which i can only reply that i am recruiting crows for undisclosed purposes, and if you are a crow with trenchcoat experience, contact me at bark bark bark, bark caw caw bark

@garbados ok one last time, are you, or are you not, three crowds in a trenchcoat?

@garbados a complex of molecules pretending to be a cellular lifeform, a complex of cells in a chemical soup pretending to be an intelligence, a complex of pretend intelligences, a complex of pretend intelligences pretending to be an autonomous consciousness, a complex of pretend autonomous consciences pretending to be a civilization …

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