why do programmers lack class consciousness? wrong answers only

programmers lack class consciousness because a witch stole it in a bargain to obtain legs

@garbados the abstraction is too hard. Procedural is preferred I guess.

@garbados 5g rays from their 4k monitors microwaved their brain two, one holds the lightbulb, the other waits for the world to revolve around them

@req these punchlines without a setup create a subtext joke about solutions without a problem. masterfully done, thank you

@garbados they've created classes, but they haven't created consciousness yet

that's why there's been so much research put into AI
@garbados alternately: they used to have it, but someone shouted them down about how everyone uses CIDR now every time they brought up classes

@garbados i started typing out some of the wrong answers that are actually just things programmers pretty much universally believe and it got so depressing so fast that i had to give up.

@garbados the movement against object/class-oriented programming

@garbados they actually are better than other people and should be in charge of the world

@June i once had a guy try to convince me that programmers aren’t labor for this reason

@garbados because the think class is defined by inheritance and not by shared traits.

@garbados I immediately think of but honestly it's probably not an entirely wrong answer . . .

To quote here soas to not require a visit to birdsite,
> During my research I interviewed a guy who said he was a libertarian until he did MDMA and realized that other people have feelings, and that was pretty much the best summary of libertarianism I've ever heard

@garbados relatedly, I really think we could build class consciousness with machine learning and block ch

@garbados "jokerfication is a workplace hazard for coders" was my partners response to this

@garbados its in the backlog but management has never allotted time for it so they'll just keep going until it breaks

@garbados they just sit there and use computer, that's not labour, they're probably just playing videos game

@garbados Ethernet cable at the very core of a data center somewhere unplugged

Hermes Sagan's List of Reasons: 


* havent drank enough water
* forgot to turn the stove off before leaving the house
* dont smoke enough weed
* havent tried turning (class consciousness) off and on again
* waiting on the (class consciousness) pull request
* reinvented public transit
* dont know that the solar system is heliocentric
* their refrigerator is running
* dont know why the chicken crossed the road
* dont know whats up with airline food
* havent tried switching to linux yet

@garbados because a few years ago it became trendy to do everything as interface composition instead

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