my fav thing about working out for a year now has been that, actually, i haven鈥檛 lost any weight. i鈥檝e transmuted a lot of fat into heavier muscle, which is great because my goal was always *fitness* and not weight loss. the only way i really think about my weight is how it influences pushups, etc., so as i get heavier it works my muscles even more 馃挭馃挭馃挭

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incidentally i am a lot slimmer and my curves pop, so, that fucking rules!

don鈥檛 sweat your weight! work out to bench press your loved ones!!


@garbados [the stakes in the anime fight finally get higher]
"Time to show you my full power... I'm taking off my weighted skin!"
"Don't you mean... weighted clothes?"
*reams of subcutaneous fat slough to the ground*

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