say goodbye to using targeted ads as a form of tarot. i know that discussing what computers think of you has become a common icebreaker, so this may be a difficult adjustment. instead, try sharing what you think of computers!

NO: the algorithm thinks i’m a chaser with hormonal acne ha ha

YES: it is cruel that we have forced sand to think. why would we do that

say goodbye to celebrity, except for @TommyWiseau . no one here is famous enough that you have heard of them unless you are a nerd. you cannot bully the government on fedi, unless it is @Nicolas_Maduro . those cringe takes you want so bad to dunk on? forget them. they are meaningless. mute, block, report, move on. use to report bad behavior widely

the fediverse has a long history of mutual aid. need help? want to raise funds for a cause? pass the hat by posting to , or monitor that tag to help folks in need. everything is easier when we work together, and together we are strong! ✊️

fediverse software is mostly open source, meaning you can pop the hood and break things to your liking. mastodon has many forks with interesting features, such as hometown, glitch-soc, and fedibird. there are also other instance implementations including pleroma and misskey. if you know a thing or two about software, play around and see what you like. this is still a very malleable space and your efforts can have a big impact!


most fediverse servers support custom emojis :blobturt: so you can express yourself :think_mind_blown: in new and ever more unsettling ways :hotboi:

if you see an emoji you want to use that isn’t on your server yet, tag your admin in a reply when you see it! :patcat:

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if you use fedi like twitter, i think you will have a bad time. foss culture has lots of problems, and foss ecosystems face structural challenges in responsiveness and accountability that corporate services don’t. if you can, create an account on a small instance. lock your account. post unlisted. make some friends and cherish your dozen specific mufos. go public to get weird replies.

fedi is not twitter. it can be worse, but it can be so much better too.

> foss ecosystems face structural challenges in responsiveness and accountability that corporate services don’t.

In other words, (most) free code projects are not businesses but micro-NGOs, and people using their software are not customers, but beneficiaries. So no, the (mostly) volunteers working on free code apps are not accountable to users. if folks don't like the software they're given for free, nobody is making them use it. Find something else or pay someone to improve it.

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