me, one year HRT: trans people are just people! pronouns, name changes — it’s not weird or difficult. just be respectful!

me, nine years HRT: my people know the true name of god and nothing you can threaten could ever destroy what we represent.

@garbados This is part of why I kinda wish baby trans would stop speaking so much for the entire trans community >_>;;;

@IrisKalmia i kinda wish cis people wouldn’t exploit the young and vulnerable among us when they speak their truth-in-progress 🫠 and it is perhaps not a babytran-specific lesson that we all need to maybe shut up sometimes 😎

@IrisKalmia however it has also been said that babytrans should undergo a three year social media kibosh for their own safety and wellbeing and i think that’s pretty solid advice actually

@garbados is it because each trans person had to kill a god to become who they are today?

@meena i can only speak for myself but the name of god is a scream. more than that it is the *choice* to scream, the act of exerting yourself against entropy with the wild will that only we the living possess. we choose to manifest, and in so doing prove that such choice exists, against all dogma and all stricture. no mere destiny approaches the potency of the agency we bear in this life, and taking hold of your body and your mind in this way — it is truly divine.

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