them: grow a spine!
me, pretending i don’t have a lab where i grow bones from cultures: ah, i- i had never thought of that. ha ha. certainly a novel idea

@tessaracht oh uh i uh no uh of course not, i only grow uhhhh tomatoes. definitely not organs

that's too bad. I have a "friend" who's aspiring to a career path that rhymes with heckromancer who would be very interested in growing bones and other things.

@tessaracht hm yes, a snek-romancer, i see. you should give me their contact info in case i bump into any fleshprinters i mean snake manufacturers i mean handlers. snake handlers. ha ha

@garbados I mean. if there were snake ladies out there I would romance them. naga are great!

@garbados so hey just so you know apparently the _expected_ reaction to being told to grow a pair is not “lungs, kidneys, how soon do you need them, it costs double to cross a border”, so, uh, just an FYI there

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