@skaryzgik heard just today, corroborated by a couple sources. ask your friend

@ranjit @garbados
[cenobites in box seats]
why are they called the nameless
I guess we'll never know
their torture forms are famous:
they'll make us watch the show

@garbados I wonder if the Etsy devops people get really mad if you pronounce it like Betsy devos.

today’s gender is tim curry eyefucking the camera as he says “dynamic tension”

so in this sense:
(1) questioning your gender does make you a little bit trans; and
(2) that's precisely why cis people should do it

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'do cis people question their gender' is an interesting question and i'd basically argue that thinking about your gender position at all already moves you beyond cisnormativity insofar as that system presents gender as a completely unanalysable given that doesn't admit any kind of complex or nuanced relation

entire towns have melted
and turned to blackened snow
my god our lives are torture
but kermit needs to grow

(god the song is stuck in my head now)

@sungo same. i saw it for the first time when i was like 14. i didn’t come out until 11 years later but it certainly empowered me to defy gender expectations more aggressively in my day-to-day

a rich man passing through the eye of a needle (body horror)

Hey Luigi! Let’s-a go…to confession so after penance we are worthy to receive the sacrament of the Eucharist, wahoooo

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Every time Mario says “mamma mia” he is referring to the Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God, because Mario is a conservative tradcath


it's time for mayo-ketchup
it's time for ketchup-ranch
time for honey-sriracha
on the Muppet Show tonight

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