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*shows up to your house with a premade homecooked meal in jeans and flannel* howdy neighbor, i was thinking of you so i made this casserole. how have you been?

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incidentally i am a lot slimmer and my curves pop, so, that fucking rules!

don’t sweat your weight! work out to bench press your loved ones!!

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my fav thing about working out for a year now has been that, actually, i haven’t lost any weight. i’ve transmuted a lot of fat into heavier muscle, which is great because my goal was always *fitness* and not weight loss. the only way i really think about my weight is how it influences pushups, etc., so as i get heavier it works my muscles even more 💪💪💪

if British people were real they would find my comedy stylings simply irresistible

Lesbians be like "I know a spot" and then move in with you

oh shit she's about to play minecraft on a brand new server

(me and the ladx after god broke our tower and confused our languages)


'what the shit does that mean??'

'was in scheiße sagst ihr'

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I think we should let the goats play in the US Senate chamber and that will be the new CSPAN for anarchists and you can go there and play with them and feed them

it'd be cool to learn some norwegian. all i know is "uff da" and "vil du ha lutefisk" which i assume is a death threat

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