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fucked up that we dont have a word to describe heterosexual men who take baths regularly now that the word metrosexual has fallen out of the global lexicon

tech thoughts, - 

can't wait for a crypto crash to pull down the software industry with it as every crypto "business" is a software company paying for software services who employ people like me 🙃

as a dev antagonist i specialize in causing computer-touchers to feel shame and disgust, both of me and their own actions

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intentions matter in magic and basically nowhere else

how to apologize 

- ask if something you did hurt, or how it hurt
- apologize for the specific thing that hurt
- resolve to do better

- presume you understand
- apologize conditionally
- “that was not my intent”

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in 2022 i am putting all men who say “apologies if” in the trash

oh, you haven't heard about web4 yet? yeah, i suppose you wouldn't have...

like if i see someone in software rep NFTs i might reply with a warning that they’re being irresponsible, and i’ll sometimes mention here in passing that all cryptocurrency is a scam, but i tend to conclude it’s not worth discussing in depth… and yet i see discussions of crypto everywhere, with virtually every public speaker i follow being pulled into producing scathing analyses by the sheer gravity of the scam itself. should i be louder about this bullshit?

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is it just me or does it feel like discussing web3 in any capacity just lends attention to a relentless scam

software industry, sexism 

thinking about sexism in software again, considering crawling back into the ocean

it's important to understand how incredibly recent most of this is. certainly the phenomenon of gender, and gendered oppression, have existed longer; but the forms it has taken are very mutable. when we say 'gender has a history' it doesn't mean we imagine some stone age matriarchal society, it means that you'd be hard-pressed to find a currently extant manifestation of gender that goes further back than the late 40s

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up to the 1920s or so all children wore dresses up to around age 9. even then separate 'boy clothes' and 'girl clothes' didn't really catch on until the post war era. children were gendered 'it' in english at least thru the 19th century. in middle english, 'girl' was an epicene term for any child ('boy' meant 'servant')

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