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I’m going to Diana Initiative! (security conference for women and nonbinary folks) in August! Anyone else going?

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It's June 27th, which means it's the 23rd anniversary of Houston hip hop legend DJ Screw's "June 27" freestyle. I traditionally celebrate this day by listening to June 27 on loop all day. It's 35 minutes long and my favorite freestyle ever.

@darius omg I love DJ Screw! I’ve been listening to his stuff while I hack for the last week

@anna round 1: found a book on programming when I was a kid

round 2: job sucks. all my hobbies are things I can only actually use illegally. I guess I should get into security pentesting so someone can pay me to do it.

I started learning by following people in the field, seeing what they’re talking about, and building a curriculum backwards from that which would allow me to understand what they’re talking about. Also conferences.

Can’t say yet if it’s effective bc I’m doing it right now.

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I want to give a shout out to the transphobic, homophobic, misogynist guy on Facebook who used this as his illustrative image when he was trying to convince someone to "redpill" themselves. (1/2)

when you complain about work again and they ask why you haven’t quit yet

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*slaps roof of a bowling alley* this bad boy can fit so many heavily bacteria infested bowling shoes in it

work -, ? 

@casey I missed and picked the wrong work toot

work -, ? 

@casey please stop flushing tissue down the stairs and elevator shafts

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@groofay yeah I saw him on sesame street I can’t believe it

drugs, true joke 

My pre-weed checklist:

* where’s the good blanket?
* did I take all my meds?
*switch charged and assembled?
* I’m gonna open two or three tabs of media choices so high ivy won’t have to figure it out.
* I should fill some water containers and leave them by my bed—high ivy will forget to drink water.
* I should make two meals and a snack ahead of time. High ivy will probably be hungry but she’ll forget to eat.

It’s like I’m a worried mom packing for my kid to go to camp

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