My kid gets up at 7am and doesn't go to sleep until at least 10pm with no nap and Lord what have I done to deserve this. He's currently up at 10:30 telling me about his new ideas.

Father's day 

Spending Father's Day brunch accompanied by my second favourite dog.

Just walked past Pier 3 at midnight and the lights were so bright the birds were all in song.

Going to NYU to interview Arthur R Miller on his 1970 book about data privacy. Here's a great interview with Studs Terkel (and whistleblower John O'Brien)

The term 'ruby on rails' seems like the most 2002 thing possible to me, yet here I am in 2019

Argh. Wasted a full week of my time after making the most amateur of dev mistakes. Sometimes this 'no formal education whatsoever thing' is a real pain.


I have a camera the size of a peanut traveling through my digestive system right now, taking pictures, so I guess we are kinda in the future, right?

Definitely going to ask for the photo album.


I was on the expedition in Angola when they found this new species of spider, which seems to have a WiFi antenna on hits head?

If this snow melts before my kid gets out of school this afternoon, there will be tears.

(He might cry, too)

(I'm writing a book. Which is to say that I have a scattershot collection of 25,000 words which I'm hoping will, between now and July 1st, become self-assembling)

Ended a slow, sticky, get-nothing-done day of work with 1,300 words on hashing and the distributed web. What a difference a matcha makes.

Definitely not just finishing my syllabus for a course that starts tomorrow.

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be here!

Here's a nudibranch.

Friend Camp

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