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I’ve come to the conclusion that the way we engage with social media is like fire—you can use them to keep yourself warm and nourished, or you can burn down the barn. It all depends on your intentions, expectations, and reality-checking skills.

- Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown

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"Each person has a set of beliefs with which they move through the world. These are formed by their cultural, social, economic, and environmental (amongst others) experiences from birth, and they change as more experiences are added to the whole. A group joins their beliefs together creating a set of named or unnamed ways in which they operate."

- Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown

Hi Friends! My name is Joe ✋ .

I work with @Danielle at Code for Science & Society. We aim to boost value-driven communities making open source tools. I also code on Dat Project, trying to make digital tools better via decentralization.

Things I also like:

* Baking chocolate chip cookies (
* Riding my bike! Or BikeTown!
* Planting Trees with Friends of Trees
* Board games
* Reading books. So many books.
* Coaching ultimate frisbee.


Friend Camp

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