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friend camp & mastodon mistranscriptions by the algo 

Frank kind
friend campaigns
crime camp
unfriend camp
Frank can
you're a red carpet

My son
mass, not instances
messed up servers
Macedonia. Social
mass product
Bastard on
messed until
best known, that social

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museum of infinite outcomes, bird houses 

i just saw that the museum of infinite outcomes is putting out another call for a show of birdhouses this summer in atlanta.

the way it works is you build a birdhouse or a sculpture that's functionally a birdhouse and ship it to atlanta and they will install it in some trees and maybe some birds will live in it this summer and then at the end of the summer you get your birdhouse back

more info here:

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I have an awesome friend at Code for America, a non-profit based in SF (with some remote positions) that helps government better serve its people. They're working currently in safety net services, criminal justice reform, and easing the EITC participation gap.

They're also currently hiring for security engineers:

- https://www.codeforamerica.org/jobs?gh_jid=2036230
- https://www.codeforamerica.org/jobs?gh_jid=2036206

Oh, and the pay is quite nice! Apply online, or ping me if you'd like to connect with my friend. Please boost! #infosec #jobs

Friend Camp

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