@tek these are actually quite good in this flavor bomb street food: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tostil

@cody next: hot ham water, but as ice cream

@tek my house has settled on a detente of having one plastic organizer container in the fridge full of fancy hot sauces, I am maxed out so have to finish one to get a new one

@tek I am eating a healthy meal that is supplemented by hot sauce 3 ways: ginger scotch bonnet, aka miso, dulse birds eye. The miso one is 🥵


@nicknicknicknick I too want to be covered in spiderwebs

lewd, absolutely nsfw 

@nicknicknicknick I somehow made it through growing up on the 90s/2000s internet without having seen either goatse or 2G1C and it's something I am very proud of

@kit getting a good old cup of been excretion myself

@tek “time is a construct and we are all part of the same interconnected oneness”

@kit I think today is a good day to have a coffee


@anna they also look will look much better in a goth club when everything clears up vs an N95

git stuff 

@darius I have always added files, double checked the git diff separately, then git commit -m before, this combines those last two steps well

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