here's the thread from before (and big big thanks to everyone here who helped!)

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new piece (and the reason i was asking about 90s japanese character encoding earlier).

You owe it to yourself to see this dazzling movie

WHY i am incapable of focusing on anything other than how badly i want to make this even though a) i dont have the ingredients b) i dont even have an espresso maker c) it's 10pm i wouldn't have a granita at this hour anyway

humidity arghh 

i am completely nonfunctional when it turns up even a little bit. even with the A/C on the air pressure gets to me — nausea, "Barometric Pressure Headaches" and just feel salty and annoyed and cranky at all times.

startup styles 

i can't stand most writing about internet aesthetics because it's usually trend-spotting/It Girl-stalking dressed up with pointless allusions to "the algorithm." but this is good and gets at what's missing from the dumb think pieces

cw: sexual harassment and language 

wish there were better language for complicated boundary-crossing behaviors that dont neatly fall under the heading of harassment and assault.

reminded of how women accused Warren Ellis of "blue bearding," which illuminated those circumstances quite well

I find myself using the word "creep" for ambiguous but bad cases, but I don't like it—it carries a lot of baggage of unfairly stigmatizing people.

most random possible birthday gift i got for myself early 

a night at the lizzie borden b&b which....expensive (yes) and scary (maybe) by myself? but also might be good for writing? i'll know in a month...

jumped on it because i saw the ownership is changing and that it might shut down soon and there were only a few nights left in the coming months

ok....i can do this...i'm trying to come up with the perfect pretentious Seaport Boston history-fetishizing yuppie apartment complex name like "The Emerson" or "One Paul Revere Place" etc

Unified Units 

yes, i just googled "apartment complex names" for help in naming an apartment in this story. and yes, this list helps because all are so bad anything i come up with is immediately better lol

does anyone here know japanese and/or have familiarity with 90s computer character encodings (especially kanji)?

someone on the birdsite once said something like most famous comedians born before 1975 had school teachers for parents but almost anyone younger has rich parents/parents in the industry. Thought of this when I clicked on the Wikipedia pages of Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder while watching Hacks...

girls5eva is the best dumb funny show i've seen in ages.

It’s I’m-tired-but-it’s-beautiful-out-okay-I’m-out-and-now-I-feel-like-I’ll-fall-asleep-but-first-sneeze-and-cough-for-an-hour season.


next week, my friend is letting me stay at her mother's house—empty at the moment—to get some writing done.

It is right around the mills where DEC had their old offices and I hope there is some exploring that I can do around there.

I had no idea that it was the state's largest employer in the 80s. But I recently asked my dad about them and he said DEC tried to recruit him to work on their private airline but he didn't trust them bc they were off-putting big spender types


The casualness with which they reply “have fun staying poor” is so fucking ugly.

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I’m worried it will lead to a qanon conspiracy/cult. With seriously rich lunatics driving it this time.

i have almost certainly seen this sign but also almost certainly did not read it in full

this is a tweet to say I miss hanging out with @courtney especially when he says super smart stuff and I think wow that is completely right what a smart dude.

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