new sneakers 

i'm :blobaww: 😍😎today because i got these trail running sneakers on sale for $35. i couldn't ordinarily justify getting a pair since my normal sneakers are fine for the off-road paths I go on, but these are soo cozy and colorful and probably going to work well for summer hiking too. 🏃‍♀️💙

this is how the words "Joanne-McNeil_headshot.jpg" are truncated on my desktop. thanks OS X, i'll take it

i was wondering why today feels like friday. and i think it's because it's nice out but i'm inside—and i'm not in any rush to get outside

pre-election dullness 

this week i feel like a lazy slice of mozzarella. just completely numb and out of it. i wonder if my subconscious is trying to save all my outrage energy for the election results.

username review 

jomc: this is completely me. basically my name anywhere but AFK

Joa77e: I set up a second life account recently and “jomc” was taken so for the first time in ages I had to come up with something new. I feel like an entirely cooler person when I type this out, like I should be scribbling the Cool S in notebooks and dressing like Mathew Lillard in Hackers 😎

Jellicle night 

I had a cup of coffee this evening so I wouldn’t be sleepy at the talk tonight (thanks @christa!!) and now I’m really really awake, with nothing to I think I’ll watch CATS 🐈 🐱

*it was
but that would hardly be the worst error there

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i almost pressed "send" on an email that began: "i was great to be on the panel with you at the panel last week"



ive been watching CNN and it's blowing my mind how few people are outside Walter Reed right now. Like 5 people waving Trump flags? It's ....incredibly sad. But that's what happens when your base is the selfish (and the psychotic who believe this is all a fake out that will result in the arrest of hillarly clinton or whatever)

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congrats to everyone capable of thinking of anything else rn!! not me and probably not you if you opened this post lol

it's somewhat cold out and i heated microwave tamales for 30 seconds longer than normally—so so good.

another kind of bubble 

there are *three* (3!!) different upcoming books on WeWork in the style of Bad Blood. Two have already been optioned.

Am I the only one who just ....does not care? Theranos was a fun, schadenfreude distraction at a time when everyone wanted grifter stories. But it's all too fucking depressing now.

imagine running out in the streets...just to celebrate how cool astronauts are (yes I’m watching the challenger doc. it’s heartbreaking)

Working within the system 

A job at Facebook in 2020 is no better than working for the trump administration. I hate that the company has been so normalized—by the media, an industry it has shred apart!—and consequently I sound alarmist. Good work can be done at Apple and even Google; but Facebook is rotten at the core. There’s no solution but to dismantle it

that racist jewelry project 

What’s striking to me about the fucked up Wear Their Names project is that it’s just the most extreme version of something I keep seeing. How many people — “artists,” “creators” — have it in their minds that when something is in the media, they need to make a project out of it to stay relevant? And yes, it might be donated to charity but that doesn’t negate harpooning a media event and claiming part of it to build a brand.


This episode is about homing pigeons. Hell yeah.

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I’m watching Fringe for the first time on a weird streaming network that plays commercials. The commercial breaks almost make it feel authentic 2008 experience. It’s fascinating to me as an example of one of the last big TV shows before the style of streaming networks/binge watching took over. There’s something work-a-day about the storytelling...and strangely, I like that about it

Tech fascists 

A big mistake in tech coverage over the past decade has been depicting its figures as dorks, bureaucrats, buffoons —everything but dangerous, powerful, and fully enabling fascism if not totally fascist themselves. I get the sense that media like the HBO show Silicon Valley (which already was a mess) is going to look apologetic in retrospect. The media depiction of Zuckerberg has changed, thankfully, but not quickly enough.

went to the dentist today and on my way out, the receptionist asked me to schedule another visit in six months. I stood there in shock and silence at the question...six...months? six, one plus five...equals...December? November? January? What was six months ago? April? Tuesday? How old am i???

Then she said, "how about March 7th?" So if anyone was wondering what six months from August is (hard question I know)....well, it's March :blobaww:

12 monkeys 

now watching 12 Monkeys, a movie I always want to like more than I actually do (it's somewhat research related.) And once again, as I watch, I wonder why Madeline Stowe disappeared after this. So I google...ah, she was in her mid-thirties at the time of this and her other best known roles (The Last of the Mohicans, Short Cuts, Blink, etc). It's all tv teenager's mom roles after 40...predictable and terrible.

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