there's no way this work-related news i've been waiting for all month (all year really) will happen before xmas but i'm going to keep checking my email all week regardless :sadcowblob:

covid travel 

my brother has now tested positive for covid two christmases in a row which is about the most Florida Brother my florida brother has ever been. (granted at least he finally got vaxxed this summer)

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covid travel 

the question of whether or not to cancel my flight will have a much easier answer if it turns out—as looks possible—that the relatives I was going to see all have covid.


i forgot that staying in to avoid catching covid is not restorative in any way and only seems to make me so tired that i wonder if i'll ever want to or have the energy to leave the house again.

oooh noes i'm writing about the m*t*v*rse and forgot just how annoying Snow Crash is to read.

OK: how about Sunday evening at Cafe Mogador in the East Village for a Friend Camp/Mastodon meet-up. Should I make a reservation (will 7:30 work for everyone?) Who is in? @ranjit @aparrish @janelastname @ingrid ...?


how about dinner at Cafe Mogador that night?? (open to other suggestions too). i'll post another reminder next week too. it will be so nice to see everyone! :blobcat_mlem:🎉​:blobaww:

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ok this is next week and i've barely made plans....maybe a meetup someplace on Sunday evening??

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in new york on dec 1st until (at least) the 7th (might stay a little longer)...might be a little too early for solid plans but YES I WANT TO HANG WITH FRIEND CAMPERS

veteran's day 

today feels incredibly confusing to me (it being a thursday and also a federal holiday; and also, me being a person that does not work in an office and get emails about upcoming holidays). have i gone so long in life and not noticed a holiday can fall smack in the middle of a week???!

But it is sort of a surprise. Last year Veteran's Day was on Wednesday but we were in quarantine hell so whatever. In 2019, it was on Monday and 2018 Sunday but celebrated on Monday

west coast travels 

i watched Malignant (lol) and now I want to see the Seattle Underground—should i go to Seattle too just to go on a Seattle Underground tour? (Current plans are SF and Portland and then back to the east coast)

writing about ai 

i think what annoys me the most are the people who are credulous for the sake of an argument. Sorry to break the news that Bina48 is not becoming conscious anytime soon and it's a little ridiculous to talk about that project as something more futuristic than say, barbra streisand's cloned dogs

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writing about ai 

trying to write a piece about AI that says something new about AI and it's incredible how stuck in 2014 the conversation is: chatbots, singularity, Sophia the robot, biased algorithms etc... the references, the arguments—all of it is just the same old shit that's a few years away from becoming retro

The Other Two 

one very underrated aspect of it being 2021, is it’s now possible watch comedy tv shows and not hear racist homophobic mean-spirited bullshit (that was never even ever funny but just there to shock people??)

this one is really really good. Witty and cute and absurd (and not mean!!) I needed something chill and delightful and this is just that.

havent had a good night sleep in four years (4 days) and i am not getting Good email this week just Bad email. arghh :sadcowblob:


i've seen people comment on the small messy house in this movie — as opposed to McMansions in kids movies now — and that feels like an extension of the general kindness of the movie. The house is real and approachable — not aspirational or too good for you.

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watching this for the first time in forever and blown away but just how kind this movie is.
I want movies now that are kind and original like this and not just ironic pastiche reverse-engineered reconstructions like Stranger Things.

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