what is the best place to get work done in manhattan? i usually work at nypl rose reading room but it closes just before 6.

ideally: quiet, okay to sit a while even if i only get a cup of tea. so basically like a library but open later. even more ideal: somewhere around me (hamilton heights) or west side//off the 1

4 days. 😎 because it turns out I can answer all my email while also having a lazy as hell day

wow, i have been lazy as hell for the last three days and i dont want to stop (reading books & watching netflix)

help! i want to do the work that doesnt need to be completed now and not the work that does and another part of me thinks because of the holiday i should not do any of it and just amke a cup of tea and watch the Irishman instead

If anyone remembers that show Bug Juice....sometimes when I log into Friend Camp, the theme song pops into my head like “Friend CAMP! Doesn’t come in a jar..” (can’t remember the rest of the song so just that part)

🗽​⭐​🗽​⭐​staying in new york for the month of december (at least. might be through march)....plz invite me out to do things 🗽​⭐​🗽​⭐​

....probably also because I have THREE DEADLINES this week

refreshing and clicking around like an idiot tonight for nothing because i am inexplicably overcome with a NEED FOR (cheap, brief, internet-enabled) VALIDATION

A bunch of people are reading my book this weekend and I have never felt more 😳 in my life

I had this brilliant idea to send people small bottles of fancy maple syrup as a thank you gift. But then I looked at shipping and it’s about twice the price of the (already spendy) syrup! Arghh...what is a good non-obvious, cheap to ship gift $15-25ish?

there's an alice in wonderland-style decision to make at netgalley

Two men loudly talking about “the trailer....” “the trailer...” “..the trailer.” And I was confused since this is New Hampshire not LA or NY. Then I realized they were talking about an actual trailer. A physical object/home and then I was no longer annoyed

Just saw an old man walking four (4) basset hounds. Living his best life

i put "go for a swim in the pond" on my to do list yesterday and it GOT DONE

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Toni Morrison, from a speech she gave in 1981. Gosh this seems relevant to just about any kind of creative work these days. thx @jomc

I'm watching Artist Depiction on prime for a piece i'm writing. it's about the space settlement artists. And it's so relaxing to watch because they had such a good time! they were just hippie dudes in northern cal. got to chill with carl sagen, got high (obviously although this hasn't come up yet) and litened to the white album, and they could draw like this!!! ——

Update: I have never lost my voice before but after the first 200 pages, I think I lost my voice (and still have 100 to go!) :blobcatumm:

One piece of writing advice that is true, but I wish were not true is that reading your manuscript aloud really helps you spot errors/weird phrases. Yes, it works but... I hate doing this!

someone told me there is an arts organization that is entirely funded with TS Elliott's royalties for CATS. can't remember which one

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