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Toni Morrison, from a speech she gave in 1981. Gosh this seems relevant to just about any kind of creative work these days. thx @jomc

I'm watching Artist Depiction on prime for a piece i'm writing. it's about the space settlement artists. And it's so relaxing to watch because they had such a good time! they were just hippie dudes in northern cal. got to chill with carl sagen, got high (obviously although this hasn't come up yet) and litened to the white album, and they could draw like this!!! ——

Update: I have never lost my voice before but after the first 200 pages, I think I lost my voice (and still have 100 to go!) :blobcatumm:

One piece of writing advice that is true, but I wish were not true is that reading your manuscript aloud really helps you spot errors/weird phrases. Yes, it works but... I hate doing this!

someone told me there is an arts organization that is entirely funded with TS Elliott's royalties for CATS. can't remember which one

but in general, i think it is a good idea to make movies that are as weird as the world is (alita, mortal engines, etc)

i've watched the CATS trailer three times now and it only gets weirder. also i'm afraid i have to go see it

someone please host/invite me to: a blade runner party this november

After years of living here and more years passing through I have only now discovered that Bryant park is the best on a weekend morning. I always love going but it’s so crowded during the week. right now i have a table and coffee and a book and it’s perfect

back in new york next week! For a couple weeks and then back for most of the month of July

the way i feel about my book rn—which is done, save copyedits and minor fixes—is like wondering if you left the stove on in the house but times a hundred. I know there is something wrong in my book. Maybe dozens of errors. But WHAT??

‪nowhere am I more confused than inside a health food store in europe with all those weird watery vaporwave fonts for products called “bio-” something. Like bioyoghurtkornglutenfreizuckerfreicake. ‬

i am maybe four hours away from turning in my revised manuscript, and also about three and a half hours away from burning out....arghghhg.

i accidentally typed "rade" instead of "trade" into wordnik and for some reason this is hilarious to me. it's a raid and a road and whatever else some drunk scottish old person is trying to say

the markup spreadsheet 

i'm in berlin next week! i'm not sure if i know anyone who lives there anymore?

could anyone recommend writing on why decentralization alone wont save the internet?

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