12 monkeys 

now watching 12 Monkeys, a movie I always want to like more than I actually do (it's somewhat research related.) And once again, as I watch, I wonder why Madeline Stowe disappeared after this. So I google...ah, she was in her mid-thirties at the time of this and her other best known roles (The Last of the Mohicans, Short Cuts, Blink, etc). It's all tv teenager's mom roles after 40...predictable and terrible.

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12 monkeys 

@jomc i've found almost every gilliam film that i loved in art school / in my 20s to be underwhelming if not outright grating on rewatch ~20 years later. they're shaky plots, characters just kinda seem to suddenly want things or start doing things, and half of them foreground the insufferable "lady attracted to protagonist author-proxy schlub for unclear reasons" trope. the former two of which work a bit better in a film about time travel predestination but still.

12 monkeys 

@jplebreton yeah, Gilliam makes very aesthetic movies that lack the emotional depth of the (loose) source material like La Jetee and 1984.

I loved the idea of his movies— maybe especially The Fisher King—but never the experience of watching. It's noticeable now there are more filmmakers doing cool stuff with production design (Sorry to Bother You, The Love Witch, etc) so he no longer has a lock on that. That he's come out as a creep post-metoo also makes it easier to not care anymore

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