new sneakers 

i'm :blobaww: 😍😎today because i got these trail running sneakers on sale for $35. i couldn't ordinarily justify getting a pair since my normal sneakers are fine for the off-road paths I go on, but these are soo cozy and colorful and probably going to work well for summer hiking too. 🏃‍♀️💙

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new sneakers 

@jomc ooh, what & where? i should own more shoes than just my garbage sneaks and my no-longer-new running shoes

new sneakers 

@ranjit terra kiger 5. i got them at a nike outlet but they are marked down at a bunch of places because a new model came out.

i also have the pegasus shield 35 which are amazing for running in the snow/slush...honestly lifechanging but too warm to wear except in the winter

my ordinary sneaks are hoka clifton 6, which are good but i think a little slow

lol...i could talk about sneakers forever and i'm not even that great a runner.

new sneakers 

@jomc this is useful info, as someone who knows nothing about sneakers but whose all time favorite shoes are a pair of Nike Air Pegasus 29 (2012) that I found in the garbage* around 2016 and have worn continuously since 😬

* actually a neighbor's giveaway pile

new sneakers 

@ranjit nikes fit the best for me, and are really consistent with sizing, but some of the recent pegasus sneakers have been thinly padded in the toe and hurt my knees when i run. but the shield pegasus is absolutely amazing even just for walking on snowy/icy days

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