i try to keep self-promotion here minimal but if anyone happened to be interested in *the rise and fall of various social networks* 👀 my book was remaindered recently and it's not hard to find a copy for less than the price of a large coffee eg

I hate how expensive book are and my own personal library is like 1/5 things i found in Harvard Book Store's remainder basement so i'm happy to share this news that hundreds of copies are available for cheap rn

And yes, Mastodon comes up in my book! I probably wasn't the first to discuss it in a text, but maybe the first big five book?

@jomc thank you so much for making me aware of this shop!

@jomc This looks great and very timely! I just backordered through Bookshop and ordered through my library, as well as from The Bad Place. Though I don’t usually buy books from them, I have a long unused credit to spend down.

@owlislost thank you!! and yeah...the bad place is usually my last resort too. more than unfortunate that evil company having evil warehouses everywhere means it's sometimes the only place with super-backlisted titles in stock

@owlislost @jomc also ordered it -- the meme "only two industries call their customers 'users'" is not from your book by chance, is it? :)

@hpk @owlislost thank you! you know, i kinda disagree with that framing....but i guess you'll see why soon enough :)

@jomc @owlislost the meme i mentioned was not meant as endorsing it, it is more a joke-anecdote-remark kind of thing ... but now i am curious ... what do you disagree with regarding only two industries calling their customers users? (The book will take weeks to travel from the US to DE)

@hpk @owlislost totally understand! well, just briefly: it's a little stigmatizing (i have heard that even mark zuckerberg said something like, "let's try not to call our people users too much bc it makes people think of addiction") but also, i agree /w Olia Lialina's comments about the word "user" here

@jomc @hpk Interesting! It’s a term used by libraries and information science for a long time and to me it’s positive on a fundamental level, but I’ll be curious to read your thoughts.

The fact that Zuckerberg didn’t bother to learn any greater context for it only makes me like it more. Also, incredibly disingenuous statement on his part considering they absolutely rely on people being addicted.

@jomc Oh, this looks so interesting! Thanks for sharing!

@jomc bookmarking to buy for the college I work at on Monday.

@jomc I read your book shortly after it came out, from my local library. I should look for a physical copy now :bowie_wink:

@jomc Joanne, for the author, what's the difference between selling a physical copy and an ebook? Is there a big difference in how much actually ends up in your pocket?

@raider funny thing is, ebook and audiobook royalties often work out to be the most favorable for an author. a little bit is discussed at the end here:

My general feeling: books are not a straight forward market transaction. however someone wants to get a copy of my book, i'm just grateful they care enough to read it.

@jomc That's actually good to hear, I have always worried that by buying an e-book the author was getting shafted versus buying a physical copy. Sadly I'm about out of shelf space for real books, and I'm one of those people who finds it impossible to get rid of them!

@jomc oooh! 📖 Consider me interested in reading your book, so praise be for your self-promotion prompting a boost into my instance. So to speak.

@jomc Its a great book! I often find myself referring back to it.

@hamncheese absolutely. Anyway someone wants to get my book is fine with me, I'm just grateful they're reading 😃

@jomc biggest problem with these sites is I can’t not order like 12 books and I ran out of shelf space like a year ago. there are just piles of books all over my house now

@casey if it's three am and i'm on the internet it's just inevitable that i'll spend like three hundred dollars in shipping to get a $2 coupon on ten bucks of books lol

@jomc incredibly BetterWorldBooks has banned access from Brazil for a couple of years now! Thriftbooks doesn’t ship here either anymore but they at least let you access the website.

@sdicht ah, sorry. i'm not really sure about distribution outside North America. hopefully the rights will sell to international markets eventually and i'll get a better sense then

@jomc taking this opportunity to plug my friend Andrew’s anti-capitalist bookshop, Massive Bookshop, which donates all its proceeds to bail funds:

@theuniverse amazing!! bookmarking and ordering something from them soon :)

@theuniverse @jomc I love massive! And they send out awesome emails showing exactly how much they spend on various things and how much is donated to bail. And my order came early. Love those folks.

@jomc how is a hardback only $1! Even my socialist ass has trouble processing this one

@bezorp ah, from what i understand — my publisher has to pay warehouse expenses for its inventory. So when certain titles aren't selling at a steady clip they quickly liquidate extra stock. In my case, my book is still *in print* which is good and that means, they are still printing my book to match demand. But, in this case, they either needed to make room for SUPER BESTSELLER TITLE A or just otherwise decided they had too much stock of this title.

@jomc well the shipping cost is up there, but you weren't lying about the price. Probably the least expensive book I've acquired minus a library! I think one of my book clubs would eat this one up

@jomc damn, sorry to hear it got remaindered! i have yet to read my ebook copy (couldn’t read anything demanding for a while there) but i’ll pick up a paper copy or two too

@jomc Nice book to read! (adds to my wishlist)

Also me when checking the prices in PHP: insert pain of being a Filipino student

@awgonnerman oh, it means when the publisher liquidates old warehouse inventory to make space for new books. and then they end up in sale sections at bookstores

@jomc ah. Okay. Hmmm. I had no trouble finding your book on Amazon. It looks really interesting. Dropped it in my 'next up' list.

@jomc as the author this is not on you... But as a person that has owned an e-ink reader since the Sony PRS-500 says. It boggles the mind. Paper requires cutting down trees, moving trees to mills, creating paper, moving paper, printing on paper, moving printed paper, storing printed paper, finally shipping printed paper to the user. E-ink requires storing ones and zeros and delivering ones and zeros.

@jomc How lovely to find an author who promotes their own book after it has been remaindered! I put my out of print books up on my personal site just for the same reason

@jomc there's lots of interest in your book, thanks to this post getting boosted! Maybe time for another printing?

@cnovak thank you — i hope so! holiday season is a tricky time since that's when most bookstores see the most customers (so printers get booked up super fast!) but i'm glad, in the meantime, it's broadly distributed in libraries and easy to find digital editions too

@jomc You are already sold out on this. Let us know when you get more! I will def buy one!

@AppalachianCrochet thank you!! 😀 Here’s a list of other options and also it’s in stock at Barnes and Noble

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